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Looking for an efficient but inexpensive asphalt plant? ABC 140-240 SolidBatch might well be your answer.

The plant offers 140 to 240 tonnes of hourly output capacity. It features Ammann quality with all core components such as the mixer, filter and screen designed and built in-house.

It is highly standardised to keep costs low, yet the plant can be customised for specific manufacturing requirements and improved mobility.

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  • Ammann design and quality
  • An unbeatable cost/performance ratio
  • Compact and modular for easy transport
  • Quick assembly in part due to options such as built-in steel foundations and plug socket cabling
  • A compact footprint
  • Ability to use local suppliers of non-critical parts
  • Engineered for easy integration of future options and technologies such as enhanced use of additives, fibres and more recyclable materials
Capacity 140 – 240 t/h
Mixer size 1.7 – 3.3 t
Hot aggregate silo 25 t or 53 t / 36 t or 86 t
Hot mix storage silo 23 t in 1 compartment
50 t or 90 t in 2 compartments
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC / RAH 50