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DrumTEK enables you to receive bitumen in a barrel, expanding your possible sources and helping secure the lowest costs. It also enables stocking bitumen during the off-season, another excellent cost-saving feature.

The bitumen is transferred from the barrels to the DrumTEK system, where it is heated before moving to a tank.

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  • Heating capacity of up to 10 t/h
  • Varied models with 24- or 30-barrel capacity
  • 12 t bitumen storage with heating lines
  • Hydraulic mechanism lifts barrels
  • Dedicated oil lines for barrels
  • High-volume discharge pump
  • Easy transport
Different models with 24 – 30 barrel capacity
12 tons bitumen storage with heating lines
60 mm rock wool insulation covers the entire body
50 m³ bitumen discharge pump