It can be a challenge for asphalt producers to keep up with ever-changing industry codes and standards. Regulations are frequently updated for noise and dust emissions, sampling options, the production of foamed asphalt and the feeding of additives into mix.

Your business has no choice but to meet the revised standards. While buying a brand-new plant would accomplish that, it might not fit in your budget.

A plant retrofit could be the answer. Retrofitting is a much more cost-effective approach, centered on improving an existing plant to meet the same standards as its newer counterparts.

Ammann has a tried-and-test retrofit process. All projects are managed by the Ammann Retrofit Centre in Austria, which relies on proven processes and experienced technicians to troubleshoot any issues and ensure superior results.

A retrofit costs a small fraction as much as a new plant, and is available for asphalt-mixing products made by Ammann and other manufacturers.

What Do You Get With a Retrofit?

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Environmental Upgrades

Bitumen Tank Ammann’s electrically heated E-Bit bitumen tank system provides so much energy savings that the replacement pays for itself in just a few years. The savings result from intelligent control of various heating circuits and the utilisation of low-cost power rates. Operational safety also is improved.

Bitumen Tank

Baghouse Are you still using a wet dust extraction process? Ammann baghouse filters utilise updated methods that meet stricter emission guidelines and reduce operating costs, too. Installation is quick, and maintenance is easier.

Bag House Filter

Noise Reduction Reduced noise levels are always welcome, and in many urban locations sound requirements are being tightened. The Ammapax® Flue Noise Suppressor is economical and easy to install. It’s effective, too, with noise pressure levels reduced up to 20 dB. The suppressor does not impact daily production.

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Low Temperature Mixes Lower temperature asphalt delivers multiple benefits – including reductions in fuel usage and emissions. A retrofit enables the use of foam bitumen, waxes and other additives. Special bitumen and alternative mixing cycles can be utilised as well.

Low Temperature

Technological Improvements

Burners New burners feature built-in technological advantages and engineering that improve cost efficiency and production. An updated burner allows the use of multiple fuel types and reduces noise levels. The retrofit is fully integrated to precisely match the existing plant. The design is robust with long life.


Mixer The tried-and-tested Amix mixer is a perfect replacement for nearly all plants. It is a large mixer with a compact design and built-in technology, making it the least costly – and most effective – solution to increasing plant capacity.


Control System Conversion to the as1 Control System from an old Ammann system, or that from another manufacturer, provides immediate results. Operators will instantly notice improved functionality, reliability, intuitiveness and ease of maintenance. The control system can be converted gradually.

Automation Software

Recycling System The use of reclaimed asphalt is a necessity today. Ammann offers custom-made recycling solutions. The quality of the asphalt is maintained, even with the addition of high percentages of RAP.


Digitalisation A retrofit is also the ideal time to get started with digitalisation. With Q Plant, the leading digitalisation solution for mixing plants, functions such as digital order and delivery note process between mixing plant and construction site, production planning and optimisation as well as raw material and fleet management are available after the retrofit. The solution works ideally with the as1 control system as well as the weighing system. Through integration with the existing ERP system, diverse and optimal digital processes can also be designed.


A Rejuvenated Plant

Dryer A new dryer optimises heat transfer and can incorporate an expanded range of materials.


Mixer Uptime will be improved, and maintenance reduced.


Wear Protection Amdurit® protects valuable parts and components up to three times longer than wear-resistant steel. Ammann’s proprietary wear protection system will also improve uptime and reduce maintenance and labor costs.

Spare Parts