Ammann is seeking new dealers to distribute our portfolio of light compaction products in the Australian market.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll partner with a family-owned business that is highly regarded around the world and has incredible staying power, with more than 150 years in business.

You’ll distribute highly productive light compaction equipment that offers unique selling advantages.

  • Our vibratory systems use advanced technology that helps our machines punch well above their weight class. You’ll sell light, efficient equipment with amazing power.
  • Rental houses will be a great opportunity. You can market the intuitive machine controls that ensure even novices are safe and productive. Rental houses also love Ammann’s extended service intervals –and in some cases, components that require no maintenance.

What machines are we talking about?

Ammann offers a complete lineup of light compaction products including rammers, vibratory plate compactors and walk-behind rollers.

  • Each has unique selling features, but key themes run across the complete product line: quality, advanced technology, exceptional engineering, robust components, low HAV levels, minimal maintenance costs, intuitive operation, safety and – last but not least – compaction performance.
  • When you’re ready to close the deal with your customer, you’ll want to mention the high retention value and the fact that owners of Ammann machines often resell them at a substantial price.
  • Everyone talks about sustainability. Ammann delivers on it with eMission. This environmentally friendly solution is integrated into new Ammann products. It starts with reduced emissions – and incorporates efficiency, productivity and lower maintenance demands that make jobsites healthier and business owners more profitable. Currently, Ammann offers electric options for rammers, vibratory plates and light tandem rollers.

There is much more for us to discuss – details on the specific machines, our hub in Caboolture, Queensland (Ammann Australia, 8/85 Pasturage Rd, Caboolture, QLD 4510) and our team that provides training and support. This is a partnership, of course, and we’re eager to learn about you, too.

Please give us a call to get the conversation started.