Mexican Firm Expanding Into Government Sector


It’s a period of growth for Leyca Asfaltos. First, the company’s core business – housing and industrial development – is booming in Mexico.

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Bridge Compaction Requires Perfect Amount of Vibratory Force


Compacting asphalt on a bridge is an extremely sensitive undertaking. The operator of the roller needs to bring just the right amount of vibration.

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Biofuel Use Approved for Ammann Machines


Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) has been approved for use in all Ammann diesel-burning machines.

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Ammann Addresses Changing Industry at bauma 2022


Roadbuilding businesses today must advance sustainability, improve connectivity – and increase productivity, too.

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Ammann Compactors a Perfect Fit for Unique Application


Eric’s Roller Hire (Pty) Ltd. has been in business for almost 20 years. The company trades in the hiring and repair of vibratory rollers to the compaction markets of South Africa.

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Versatility helps rental business grow


Bruno Vallandt has seen his leasing company BVB Baumaschinen GmbH grow significantly since opening in Lanzenkirchen, Austria, in 2019.

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New Ammann Roller Provides Exceptional Compaction Output


Ammann has released a new heavy roller for the Indian market.

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Ammann Soil Compactor Leads Industry in Compaction Force


Ammann has unveiled a new soil compactor that delivers the highest applied force to the ground when compared to competitive products.

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Black Sea Region of Russia Sees Impressive Growth


The creation of new roads is essential to a newly booming area of Russia. Key to the foundations for the highways is an Ammann ARS 122 Soil Compactor.

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A Solid Foundation


Product development of heavy equipment is demanding. There are performance expectations that absolutely must be met – while sustainability initiatives are increasingly becoming priorities, too.

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A Green Path Forward


In some cases, Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants incorporates “recycling” in the name.

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Amand Bau Sachsen Strengthens Compaction Fleet


Since August 2020, the regional company Amand Bau Sachsen has been using a whole armada of construction machinery to expand an industrial area in Hof-Gattendorf.

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The Most Trusted Road Construction Equipment Manufacturer


Ammann India has seen a great deal of growth in the last two years – growth that has helped the company solidify its position as the largest and most trusted manufacturer of road construction equipment in India.

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Making sustainable goals a reality


Governments are increasingly urging, and sometimes requiring, that roadbuilding incorporate sustainable processes. Contractors who commit to these methods are finding the modifications do more than benefit the environment – they also benefit their bottom line.

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Intelligent ARS Single-Drum Roller finds Obstructions and Potential trouble


De Cnodder from Herentals handles soil compaction for residential, industrial and commercial projects.

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Ammann Compactors Help Keep Sri Lankan Project on Track


The Sri Lankan construction market is competitive, so contractors need to find efficiencies that help them keep their prices in line and their businesses growing.

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Ammann ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller passes a tough test


An Indian contractor tested an Ammann ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller on a jobsite and was extremely pleased with the results.

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Machine Innovations from Ammann Add Stability, Connectivity


Sometimes, existing products or services aren’t enough to carry out the necessary tasks on a jobsite. Instead, a fresh approach must be considered – and a new machine or service developed.

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Ammann showcased its commitment to the North American market at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas in March


Featured at the trade show were products created or customised for North America – including the latest generation of heavy compactors, a wide range of light compaction equipment and a technologically advanced asphalt-mixing plant.

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Mumbai Airport Project Meets Tight Deadline


An Ammann ABC 180 ValueTec Asphalt-Mixing Plant provided the reliability and quality that were essential on a recent project at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai.

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Ammann Machines: Helping Operators Succeed


Operators are essential to the success of construction businesses. In the end, they deliver quality, productivity, efficiency, cost savings and more.

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Ammann Highlights Expanded Product Line, Services at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020


Ammann’s growing presence in North America will be reflected in its product displays at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

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Ammann Technology Brings Profitability to Compaction Jobsites


“Technology” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you see a compactor at work. But perhaps it should. The technology built into Ammann compactors is the driving force behind quality, production and cost savings. It can be the difference between a job that loses money ­– or turns a nice profit.

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Ammann Soil Compactors and VINCI CONSTRUCTION TERRASSEMENT Play Key Role in German Infrastructure Project


Ammann ARS 200 and ARS 220 Soil Compactors are utilising smart technology on a rail project between Stuttgart and Ulm, Germany.

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Ammann Soil Compactors Prepare Base of Indonesian Toll Road


Ammann compactors readied the soil base for an extensive section of a high-profile road in Indonesia.

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AP 240 Makes Fast Work of Thick Layer


An Ammann AP 240 Pneumatic Tyred Roller helped a Kenyan company compact a thick asphalt layer while also meeting targets for density and timeliness at Kisumu International Airport in Kisumu, Kenya.

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Soil Compactors Ready Road in India


Ammann ARS 121 Soil Compactors are bringing efficiency to an enormous, high-profile roadbuilding project in India.

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Ammann Unveils Line of Articulated Light Tandem Rollers


New light tandem rollers from Ammann feature drums that can quickly be adjusted from in-line to off-set configurations, helping operators reach compaction goals – even when working near obstructions.

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Intelligent Machine Management for Construction Machines


Ammann will present its ServiceLink telematics system for the complete range of compactors and pavers for the first time at bauma 2019 in Munich.

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Ammann Unveils Tyred Compactor


The new Ammann ART 280 Hydrostatic Tyred Roller features a redesigned cab and a ballasting system that can be quickly and significantly adjusted.

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Ammann ARS 122 Outshines the Competition Compactor Excels on Embankment Project


An Ammann ARS 122 Soil Compactor outperformed machines from seven competitive manufacturers when tested on a jobsite in Giriulla, Sri Lanka.

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ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller Unveiled


Ammann has introduced the ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller, a machine that is able to compact from thin to thick asphalt layers in fewer passes with its high compaction output.

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The Digital Future for Road Construction


Roller Operators want Smart Machines

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Firm Meets Challenges and Deadlines


Shailung Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. (SCCPL) has built its business around being on time. The company meets tight deadlines and provides quality paving in the process.

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Variety Fuels Contractor’s Success in Nepal


The Kathmandu Valley has greatly varied altitudes and soil types. That diversity requires contractors in asphalt-related construction to be flexible, too.

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Ammann Introduces ARX Series 2-2 Tier 4 Final Light Tandem Rollers


New light tandem rollers from Ammann make it even easier for operators to work next to obstructions such as curbs.

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Ammann Australia Moves into Expanded Facility


Solid growth has led Ammann Australia to relocate its headquarters, warehouse and training centre to better serve its customers in the region.

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Ammann Launches Line of Light, Pivot-Steered Pneumatic Rollers


Ammann has introduced the ART 35 T4i, a light, pivot-steered pneumatic tyred roller.

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ABA UniBatch Plant Plays Key Role in Airport Expansion


Singapore Changi Airport is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia – and the world. A flight lands or departs the airport every 90 seconds, with 58.7 million passengers passing through Changi in 2016.

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Intelligent Compaction Key to New Ammann Rollers


The new models are the ASC 110 T4f, ASC 130 T4f, ASC 150 T4f and ASC 170 T4f. Their weights range from 11 tonnes to 17 tonnes.

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ARS 200 and ARS 220 – New Soil Compactors Optimise Compaction Through Technology


Ammann has introduced the first two models of the new ARS line of single-drum soil compactors that combine tried-and-true features with intelligent compaction technology.

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4 Keys to Growth


Pavicen’s growth initially was slow and steady. “We grew, little by little, and growth meant hard work,” said Javier Apéstegui Arias, owner of the company.

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Technology Partners Travelling the Road to the Future


A major staging-point: the final information event for the SmartSite project in Filderstadt.

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Building an Infrastructure – and a Reputation


Spectra Engineers has a reputation for completing quality work in a timely manner. The company – based in Dhaka, Bangladesh – now is relying on Ammann soil and asphalt compactors to further build on its reputation.

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Ammann Compactors Hit Milestone for Removing Unwanted Vibration to Operators


Ammann’s line of hydrostatic plate compactors now features a handle with hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels below 2.5 m/sec2, making Ammann one of the first manufacturers to hit this milestone. The handle has been extensively tested in the field and is now standard equipment on all Ammann APH Vibratory Plates.

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The new ARX 90 T4f/T3 and ARX 110 T4f/T3 Tandem Rollers combine oscillation with the high compaction output seen on previous Ammann tandem rollers.

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The new Ammann ART 240 T4f Pneumatic-Tyred Roller provides productivity-improving operator comfort and an engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

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Ammann has introduced the first two models of the new ARS line of single-drum soil compactors that combine tried-and-true features with intelligent compaction technology.

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Ammann earned three coveted Red Dot Awards for outstanding product design. The awards are considered Europe’s highest design honours.

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The savings that result from compaction technology can be significant. In fact, technologies including Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) are helping contractors improve compaction measurements to the point where multiple passes are eliminated.

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