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ABM 90-140 EasyBatch provides the flexibility of a batch plant with high-mobility capabilities. In fact, ABM 90-140 EasyBatch is ready to produce within two days of a move.

The complete, stand-alone plant fits onto trailers and can be installed without the assistance of a crane. The plant is ideal for multiple relocations in a single year and was specifically designed for reliable production in regions with little developed infrastructure. Its traveling width of 3 m and traveling height of 4.25 m also enable easy transport.

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  • Output of 90 t/h to 140 t/h
  • Extremely fast relocation and installation
  • Pre-assembled and tested at the factory
  • Compact on the site and during transport, with maximum width of 3 m
  • No concrete foundation required
  • Can be installed without a crane
  • Available options make plant customisable to applications, particularly important given frequent use in isolated locations
Capacity 90 – 140 t/h
Mixer size 1.2 – 1.7 t
Hot aggregate silo 10 – 15 t
Hot mix storage silo direct loading
Option: lateral 57 – 120 t
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC