A fair whistleblower system is an important instrument for good corporate governance. It aids in quickly identifying violations of laws and internal regulations, investigating them without delay and to address proven misconduct.

If you have indications of high-risk violations in connection with the Ammann Group or its employees, you can contact the Compliance Office via the following reporting form. If you are an Ammann employee, you must adhere to the internal whistleblowing directive ID 100981.
In particular, violations posing a high risk to the company include the following:

  • Corruption, anti-trust and money laundering offences
  • Theft, fraud and undue enrichment offences of significant scope or amount
  • Severe injury to physical or mental well-being
  • Severe cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and racism
  • Criminal violations of data protection rules
  • Accounting and bookkeeping violations with a significant impact that can be detected externally
  • Severe violations in connection with engineering specifications and/or technical safety
  • Violations of human rights (e.g. violating the principles of the UN Global Compact)
  • Violations in connection with environmental regulations and/or environmental noncompliance of a product
  • Export control or sanctions violations
  • Severe violations of the integrity of the whistleblower system, for example, severe violation of whistleblower anonymity or reporting obligations
  • Other high risks, e.g. violations causing the company to suffer significant losses
  • Violations that are likely to do severe harm to the company’s reputation

Please describe your suspicion of a major risk violation in greater detail. Provide your contact details, e.g. an e-mail address or telephone number in case there are any questions. Your information will be treated confidentially. However, you can also send your report to the Compliance Office anonymously by post. The Compliance Office then will check your report and act accordingly, taking into consideration local legal requirements.

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Your report helps us in preventing damage for our company and employees as well as our business partners and the general public and to identify ways in which we can better implement our own policies where shortfalls are found.

Thank you for your support.

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