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The CounterMix 90-120 counterflow continuous drum mix plant provides efficiency, production and high use of recyclables.

Conventional continuous mixing plants utilise parallel flow, where the material to be heated and the hot gases flow in the same direction. In a counterflow dryer drum, the material to be heated and the hot gases flow toward each other, or in opposite directions.

The counterflow process is highly efficient because it maximises the transfer of heat from hot gases as well as radiation heat from the burner flame. In addition, the spraying of bitumen and filler is done when the hot aggregates pass behind the burner in the same dryer drum.

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  • High fuel efficiency and reduced carbon footprint
  • Ammann engineering and quality standards
  • Extremely rapid installation and implementation with options such as a steel foundation and plug socket cabling
  • Efficient bag filter for stringent pollution standards
Plant type 90
Continual plant capacity at 3 % moisture * 90 t/h
Continual plant capacity at 5 % moisture * 70 t/h
Number of cold feeders 4
Content cold feeders 8 m³ each bin with extension plates
Auxilliary conveyor belt and drive 450 mm × 1,4 m–1,1 kW × 4 nos = 4,4 kW
Gathering conveyor belt and drive 500 mm × 11 m–2,2 kW
Bin vibrator motor 0,18 kW
Oversize removal screen mesh and drive 45 × 45mm–0,18 kW
Type drying drum Cylindrical, inclined counter flow
Diameter / length 1650 / 7080 mm (with RAP)
Drum drive 5,5 × 4 = 22 kW (Total 4 nos) (with RAP)
Burner power output 6,59 MW (long nose S8 burner)
Fuels Standard burner for Diesel. Heavy oil, LDO as an options.
Filter capacity 15 000 Nm³/h
Filter surface 200 m²
Exhauster capacity 45 kW motor power
Load-out conveyor capacity 200 t/h
Load-out conveyor belt width 600 mm
Load-out conveyor drive 5,5 kW
Gob hopper capacity 1,5 t
Gob hopper drive 3,7 kW
Filler supply Mineral filler tank capacity 1,5 m³, Drive 1,5 kW. Air compressor 11 kW. Other sizes and types on request.
Slinger conveyor belt and drive Option: 500 mm–3,7 kW
Drag slat conveyor capacity Option: 100 t/h
Bitumen tanks Option: 20 t horizontal configuration. Thermic oil heated bitumen tanks. Other sizes and types on request.
Recycling addition Option: Through RAP addition ring in the drum
* Hot mix production capacity based on following conditions: 10 % bitumen and 12 % filler addition, input moisture of aggregates 3 %,

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