Three levels of courses are offered at Ammann facilities for operators and key personnel.

1. Basic, for newcomers
2. Follow-up, the intermediate offering for those who know more
3. Advanced, for those with considerable experience and previous training who want to be experts

Manager training also is offered at the regional centres or your facility. The production manager course enables senior production employees (including production supervisors and managers) to access valuable data from the
as1 control system. This information helps managers evaluate and improve the plant’s performance and operation.


This course is for new employees and customers who recently acquired an Ammann plant.

It provides an introduction to the
 production sequence, processes and plant safety. Instructors also explain the plant’s components and their functions as well as proper operation and basic maintenance.

The training is built from the Ammann training modules and can be combined as you like. Topics include:

  • Process technology
  • Plant safety
  • Mechanical and electrical functions
  • Maintenance
  • as1 control system

The course offering includes:

  • Understanding differences between continuous and batch processes
  • Understanding material flow through the plant
  • Awareness of the function of each key plant component
  • Awareness of plant safety, hazards and risks
  • Familiarisation with the maintenance manuals, symbols, location and parts
  • Understanding the as1 system: correct start-up; interpreting the meaning of icons, errors and processes
  • Learning basic recipes and proper sequences


Operators who are ready to move beyond the basics enroll in Ammann’s follow-up training.

This course
provides detailed overviews of plant operation and parameter settings, maintenance work and troubleshooting. Other key topics are plant optimisation and efficiency, and the importance of the proprietary Ammann software integrated into the plants.

Specific content includes an understanding of:

  • Factors that contribute to plant efficiency
  • Best practices for overall plant operation
  • Detailed functions of each key component in the plant, including lifter design set-up and bitumen flow circuits
  • Detailed safety, hazards and risks specific to asphalt plants
  • Fault-finding exercises and scenarios
  • Manuals to find maintenance tasks, spares and repair instructions
  • The as1 system by using a simulator and making mix with provoked errors (gauge reaction time and fault finding)
  • How to extract and review production protocol data from system


Advanced training
 is for experienced, knowledgeable
 personnel on their way to becoming experts. They receive detailed lessons on plant functionality, special maintenance practices and the analysis of energy consumption and production quality.

Specific, detailed course content includes:

  • Maintenance on key components including the mixer, dryer and screen
  • Fault-finding using the as1 system simulator
  • Analysis of efficiency data and Eco-view and ways to reduce energy consumption
  • Advanced as1 parameters, functions, uses and optimisation