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Maintenance can be challenging and inconvenient. But you can maintain your as1 Control System with the flip of a switch.

The maintenance we’re talking about is a weekly reboot. The effort is minimal but it provides a great return.


Among the benefits of a reboot:

      • The system operates faster
      • It is more stable
      • Errors are eliminated
      • Re-occupied memory is released
      • Temporary files and corpses are deleted
      • Programs and services are reinitialised

A reboot only takes a few minutes. You can make the most of that time by removing and cleaning the filter in front of the computer.

You also might consider a reboot if the system is particularly slow, or if errors are repeatedly surfacing.

A few minor steps must be taken to reboot. You can find them in the operator’s manual, in the as1 “computer restart” section. Then you’ll be ready for your weekly reboot – and all the benefits it offers.