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Plant protection isn’t always associated with operators. Maybe it should be. Operators are the ones who must adjust when unexpected downtime occurs.

A dose of protection can help operators avoid the frustrations associated with unplanned downtime.

Amdurit®, Ammann’s proprietary wear-protection system, provides up to 3 times the service life of wear-resistant steel and protects valuable parts and components.

It makes maintenance easy, too. Instead of replacing the component, simply swap out the Amdurit covering.

The wear-protection system results in savings on multiple fronts. Components last longer, which translates to fewer replacements and therefore lower costs. In addition, plant owners also avoid the labor costs associated with replacement of the components.



Replacements are quick and easy when they do have to be made. Overall plant uptime is improved as well.

There are many potential areas of use, including drum inserts; transition and discharge locations; feeders (both RAP and traditional); and silos.

The preferred areas of use with regard to components for reclaimed asphalt (RAP) feed are:

  • RAP elevator feed and discharge
  • Drum pipe infeed, cone and scales in the drum pipe
  • Intermediate container and chute in the mixer
  • RAP feed, worm screw and screw trough



A range of fastening methods, such as welding, clamping and bolting, make it easy to replace the original part with Amdurit wear protection.

When looking for ways to minimise the frustrations of unplanned downtime, don’t forget about the value that results from properly protecting a plant.