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Keeping a plant properly lubricated can be a hot, dirty job. But, hey, someone has to do it.

At least that used to be the case. But not with the advent of Ammlub, Amman’s automatic lubrication system.

The “automatic” part is what plant personnel care most about. It means an end to crawling into dark, dirty, tight spaces to apply lubricants.

Of course your plant owner will wonder about the cost. There is good news on that front, too. Ammlub provides longer plant life, reduced fuel costs and improved safety – three key benefits that are sure to catch your boss’s attention.


How it Works

The smart system is mounted directly on the plant’s lubrication points. It automatically applies lubricants at scheduled intervals, ensuring that the process is done on time – every time.

It provides the proper amount of grease, too. There is no question of when to grease – and how much grease to apply. Was it too much? Not enough?



In addition, Ammlub eliminates downtime. The lubricant applications can occur while the plant is running, enabling completion of the routine maintenance without a drop in productivity.

An immediate benefit is fuel savings, which can be reduced as much as 10% when all parts and components are working harmoniously.

With appropriate lubrication, those parts and components will also last longer, providing further savings. Because this system also locks out contaminants, plant life is extended, too.

Workplace safety is improved as well. Technicians no longer need to lug tools and fluids with them to access difficult-to-reach service points. These service points typically include all components along the process flow, starting with the cold feeder and ending with the discharge shoot.

Ammlub is a great system that will keep your plant running profitably – and keep you and your co-workers out of tight, dirty spaces.


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