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Ammann has a control system module that is extremely popular with operators – and business owners, too. You might want to consider making it a part of your operations.

The as1 Dynamic Recycling Addition (RAD) is part of the larger as1 Control System.  The as1 RAD is an optional module that is used to expedite recycling through cold additions to the mixer or hot additions to the recycling drum.

The benefits are big: recycling preserves natural resources and reduces costs. The as1 RAD module helps your plant get the most out of recycled materials.

There are some advantages specific to operators, too. Among them:

  • Only one recipe is required, even when utilising varied recycling percentages.
  • Percentages can be changed through the use of a “slider,” which is adjusted by clicking and moving the mouse.
  • Modifications can be made while production is under way.
  • An integrated wizard guides operators through the recipe entry and calculates ingredients and RAP proportions.



Two compensation modes available


This mode supports quantitative compensation, i.e. compliance with the recipe requirements occurs through dynamic quantity correction of the components in the recipe (new material). You will be requested to enter the analysis of the recycling materials utilised. The as1 takes care of the rest independently.


In addition to quantitative compensation this mode also supports qualitative compensation. The binder ensures that the desired Ring and Ball (softening point) is achieved (based on the formulae detailed in EN13108) with the various different degrees of recycling involvement. This occurs through increased feed of a softer bitumen or other additives.



RAD software is available as an option on as1 systems from version 3.5 and beyond.