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Plant operators face questions on a daily basis, and the as1 Control System’s onboard diagnostic tool can provide many answers.

Oftentimes, those answers can come in the form of statistics and diagrams that ultimately can improve the efficiency of the plant.

Among the questions commonly tracked:

  • What is the filter inlet temperature?
  • Is the dew point being exceeded during production?
  • Are temperatures too high during the drying process, and therefore is too much being spent on energy?
  • How many degrees are being lost in the EBIT without heating on climactic conditions?
  • What is the ideal burner capacity for the available drying capacity?

The diagnostic tool can answer all these questions – and chart results, too. It displays values for easy analysis as it tracks raw gas temperature and temperature loss on the EBIT bitumen tank. The drying temperature also is monitored.

It also shows how these functions perform depending on a specific operator. This enables training and correction as needed.


Follow these steps and you will have a visual display of your plant’s efficiencies and improvement opportunities. Many changes are simple adjustments that require little work but just a fresh perspective.


The result will be an improved bottom line.

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