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The computer is the brain of your mixing plant. It runs 24/7 and helps your plant operate safely and smoothly.
Ammann selects computer hardware components that can withstand the industrial environment. But even those components need maintenance.

Here are a few maintenance tips to ensure your computer runs properly.

  • Regularly clean or change the computer filter.
  • Pay attention to the fan. Is it running properly? You can tell a lot by simply paying attention and listening. Also make sure that airflow is not blocked.
  • Ensure the temperature in the control cabin is not too hot. If an air conditioner is not functioning properly, have it repaired.
  • Do not ignore system messages or signals that might indicate a problem. If you’re unsure of the message’s meaning, contact your IT department or the Ammann hotline.

Remember, a computer needs proper care, just like the rest of your plant’s components.

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