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Heating timers provide operators with a great deal of flexibility. They also add efficiency that reduces energy costs.

The timers are used in locations throughout the plant, including mixing towers, bitumen tanks and loading silos. In older plants these timers are controlled separately. In modern plants, the as1 Control System manages the timers.


Here are some examples:

The timer for heating the bitumen tank, with pre-determined switching times for production and work-free days.


The timer that controls heat for the mixing towers, with separate times for individual working days and varied intervals. These timers are specially developed for heaters without control thermostats.


The timer overview is a new feature of the as1 system (from version 5.1 SP1). Previously, the timer could only be called up by accessing the specific location such as the mixing tower, bitumen tank, etc. The new overview is capable of displaying all timers and their settings, including special modes such as production and non-production days. The settings can be accessed and adjusted directly from the overview.