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Asphalt and concrete plant operators tell us they sometimes struggle with maintaining consistent dosing quality. Among the factors vital to product quality is dosing accuracy, which is the topic of this blog.

To maintain quality, it’s important to accurately adjust the amount of aggregates/additives/bitumen fed into the mix. Compressed air flow pressure affects dosing accuracy, so proper flow is crucial.

How can you ensure proper flow and, in turn, dosing accuracy?

First, closely monitor the maintenance of the air compressor’s pneumatic valves and the seal on the cylinder. These parts have an impact on air pressure, which influences the moving speed of materials. You must have proper internal air flow pressure for the cylinder to function efficiently.

Speed on dosing units should be kept at 7 to 8 bar.

With a consistent speed, it will be possible to properly adjust your dosing, so you can maintain consistent mix quality.

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