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The APH 6020 is a heavier version of the popular APH 5020. Weighing in at 482 kg, the APH 6020 also features a twin-shaft exciter system and the efficient and powerful compaction it brings.

The machine is highly reliable and trusted in the marketplace because of its robust design and long component life. The plates can be operated easily and comfortably, even in tight areas, and work well around obstacles such as columns and in cohesive materials. The machine also is smooth when changing directions.

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  • Hydraulic pump for hydrostatic drive and responsive steering; no V belt required
  • Air-cooled Hatz diesel engine with low oil pressure protection system
  • Easy access to all service points
  • Optimised base plate for well-balanced operation
  • Plates can be equipped with the Ammann ACEecon, a compaction control system developed for larger Ammann compactors and now adjusted to fit the APH line
  • Extension plates enable a wide field of applications with a variety of working widths


 APH 6020
  Weights & Dimensions  Metric  US
 Machine weight basic unit  482 kg  1060 lb
 with extension plates 75 mm  506 kg  1080 lb
 with extension plates 150 mm  518 kg  1102 lb
 A = Base plate length  470 mm  18,5 in
 B = Machine length  930 mm  36,6 in
 C = with handle  1840 mm  72,4 in
 D = Machine heigth  870 mm  34,3 in
 E = Handle height (work)  1000 mm  38,9 in
 F = Handle height (transport)  1500 mm  59,1 in
 G = Machine width  550 mm  21,7 in
 H = with extension plates 700/850 mm  27,6/33,5 in
 Engine  Hatz Supra  1D81S  Hatz Supra  1D81S
 Fuel  Diesel  Diesel
 Engine Output  13,7 HP / 10 kW  13,7 HP / 10 kW
 at RPM  3000  3000
 Fuel consumption  2,5  0,6 gal/h
 Compaction Forces
 Max, Vibration frequency  69 Hz  4140 vpm
 Max, Centrifugal force  60 kN  13 lbf
 Working surface basic unit  925 m2/h  1991 ft2/h
 with extensions  1260 m2/h / 1430  m2/h  2712 ft2/h / 3078  ft2/h
 Max. compaction depth *  80 cm  31 in
 Speed  28 m/min  1 mph
 Tank capacity  7 l  1,5 gal
 Gradeability  36%  36%
 Max. incline to all sides  30°  30°
 * depending on ground conditions
Standard Equipment
  • Control handle bar, ergonimically adjustable and lockable
  • Orbitrol system providing optimal drive control
  • Protective casing: Protects functional components against dirt and damage, offers easy accessibility for service
  • Powerful, air cooled and silenced hatz diesel engines with oil alert system and low emission values
  • Hydrostatic driven 2-shaft exciter system
Optional Equipment
  • Extension plates (75 / 150 mm)
  • Operation hour meter
  • Electric starter
  • Compaction control system ACEecon for compaction measurement on site for an optimised compaction
  • Emergency stop at the end of the handle for highest operator safety
  • 3 year extended Warranty Program

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