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The APR 3020 maintains the easy handling that is common to smaller reversible vibratory plates but adds productivity potential with working widths of 50 cm or 60 cm.

That added capacity helps cover ground yet also maintains the “on-the-spot” capabilities, enabling a focus on particularly tough-to-compact areas.

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  • Operator friendly, vibration-cushioned guide handle that is foldable for easy transport
  • Smooth variable hydrostatic forward and reverse motion, including the ability to provide “on-the-spot” vibration for a particularly challenging area
  • Easy, ergonomic handling
  • Maintenance friendly two-shaft exciter unit with long service intervals and life
  • Wear-resistant, self-cleaning base plate
  • Well-protected, robust centrifugal clutch with wear-resistant V belt
  • Sturdy protection frame with central lifting point
  • Powerful petrol or diesel engine
  • Optional water tank and sprinkler system for asphalt applications
  • Other options include a rubber mat, hour meter and transport wheels
  • Available with electric starter on version with Hatz diesel engine


APR 3020 Petrol APR 3020 Diesel
 Weights & Dimensions
Machine weight 199/203 kg 213/217 kg
A = Base plate length 330 mm 330 mm
B = Machine length 700 mm 700 mm
C =    with handle 1140 mm 1140 mm
D = Machine heigth 740 mm 740 mm
E = Handle height (work) 1000 mm 1000 mm
F = Handle height (transport) 1180 mm 1180 mm
G = Machine width 500/600 mm 500/600 mm
Engine Honda GX270 Hatz 1 B 30
Fuel Petrol Diesel
Engine Output 8,6 HP / 6,3 kW 6,1 HP / 4,5 kW
    at RPM 3100 2900
Fuel consumption 2,1 l/h 1,3 l/h
Compaction Forces
Max. Vibration frequency 90 Hz 90 Hz
Max. Centrifugal force 30 kN 30 kN
Working surface 660 m2/h  (500 mm br.) 660 m2/h  (500 mm br.)
   with extension plates 720 m2/h (600 mm br.) 720 m2/h (600 mm br.)
Max. compaction depth * 35/30 cm 35/30 cm
Speed 0-22/20 m/min 0-22/19 m/min
Fuel tank 6 l 5 l
Gradeability 35% 35%
Max. incline to all sides 20° 30°
* depending on ground conditions
  • Operator friendly guide handle, foldable for easy transport and adjustable for individual body size
  • Sturdy protection frame with central lifting point
  • Powerful and reliable
  • 2-shaft exciter with long service intervalls
  • Well protected, sturdy certrifugal clutch with wear resistant V-Belt
  • Transport wheels
  • Vulcollan mat for applications on paving stones
  • Electric starter (Hatz diesel engine)
  • Hour meter
  • 3 year extended Warranty Program

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