ARS 220 TIER 3

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The Ammann ARS 220 Tier 3 Soil Compactor goes to work on jobsites where the ultimate compaction power is needed, including sub-bases for heavy transportation construction such as railways, airfields and harbors.

It combines advanced amplitude and vibratory systems with a heavier operating weight of 22 tons to deliver industry-leading compaction outputs.

Options can make the machine even more productive. HX versions of the roller are available that excel in jobsites where high tractive efforts are required.

Optional ACEforce technology identifies uncompacted spots. In addition, all measured values can be displayed and evaluated including load-bearing capacity of material, number of passes and frequency/amplitude values.

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High compaction output

  • Faster compaction of thicker layers in fewer passes
No-rear-axle concept

  • Compact machine design for high stability, manoeuvrability and service access


  • Intelligent compaction tool for best efficiency


Cab design

  • Spacious cab with low sound levels for all-day operator comfort

Control & information display integrated into steering wheel

  • Multifunctional display for intuitive machine control & overview, even with unskilled operator


  • Perfect all-around machine visibility for safety on the jobsite


Tiltable cabin and engine hood

  • Best access to service points and engine compartment

Ground access to service & maintenance points

  • Machine serviced from ground, enabling comfort

Design that enables daily maintenance

  • Easy and fast daily maintenance

Dimensions Metric US
A = Machine length 6738 mm 265.3 in
B = Wheel-base 3510 mm 138.2 in
C = Machine height 2985 mm 117.5 in
D = Machine height (removed CAB / ROPS) 2565 mm 101 in
E = Drum width 2130 mm 83.9 in
F = Machine width 2300 mm 90.6
G = Machine length (blade) D/PD -/7573 mm -/298.1 in
H = Ground clearance 500 mm 19.7 in
I = Drum diameter D/PD 1600/1795 mm 63/70.7 in
J = Drum shell thickness D/PD 45/30 mm 1.8/1.2 in
K = Machine width (blade) D/PD 2445 mm 96.3 in
Type ARS 220 D
Operating weight max 26 000 kg 57320.2 lb
Operating weight CECE 21 630 kg 47690 lb
Static linear load 66.9 kg/cm 374.6 lb/in
Front axle load
Rear axle load
Drum and wheels
Working width 2130 mm 83.9 in
Drum diameter 1600 mm 63 in
Shell thickness 45 mm 1.8 in
Type ARS 220 PD
Operating weight max. 26 000 kg 57320.2 lb
Operating weight CECE 21 760 kg 47970 lb
Front axle load
Rear axle load
Drum and wheels
Working width 2130 mm 83.9 in
Drum diameter 1795 mm 70.7 in
Shell thickness 30 mm 1.2 in
No.of pads 140 140
Contact area per pad foot 143 cm2
Height of pad 120 mm
Engine make DEUTZ
Type TCD 6.1 L6
Rated power ISO 3046-1 160 kW /2300 rpm 215 HP /2300 rpm
No. of travel speed
Max. transport speed 12 km/h 7.46 mph
Max. working speed 7 km/h 4.35 mph
Gradeability 55(50)% 55(50)%
Turning radius inside 4370 mm 172 in
Steering and oscillating angle
Amplitudes 2.0/1.0 mm 0.079 / 0.039 in
Frequencies 27/34 Hz 1620/2040 VPM
Centrifugal force 375/300 kN
Fuel 350 l 92.4 gal


  • ATC (Ammann Traction Control)
  • Smooth drum
  • Two stage vibratory unit
  • D drive
  • Electrohydraulic cabin and hood tilting
  • Working lights head and rear
  • Hydraulic test ports on components
  • Diamond tread tires


  • ACEforce
  • ACE GPS monitoring
  • PD Drum (or PD Shell Kit)
  • HX Drive version
  • Air Condition for cab
  • Radio with CD
  • 360° Illumination Kit
  • Ammann Toolkit
  • Dozer Blade
  • Road lighting
  • Warning beacon
  • Back-up alarm
  • Telematics ready
  • Centralised hydaulic test ports
  • Tractor tires

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