ARX 12 TIER 4f

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The Ammann ARX 12 T4f Tandem Roller is a light, articulated ride-on roller that works flush against curbs and other obstructions and eliminates the need for special edge compaction efforts. It meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

Double-drive and double-vibration are standard and help deliver optimum compaction results. An electronic drive lever makes for smooth starting and stopping and is among the reasons the roller is popular with operators. Other operator benefits include a rubber-mounted platform that limits vibration and an intuitive instrument panel to help make even an inexperienced operator successful.

The ARX 12 is built with high quality, long-lasting components that reduce the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine. It is reliable, economical, safe and fuel efficient.

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Electronic drive lever

  • Smooth start and stop important, especially on asphalt jobs

Articulated joint with oscillation

  • Increased surface coverage and quality

Sprinkling system

  • 2-stage filtration system with large water tanks for extended intervals between fillings



Operators platform design

  • Spacious operator platform

Simple and reliable dashboard

  • Intuitive machine control, even with an unskilled operator


  • Perfect all-around machine visibility for safety on the jobsite



Design that enables daily maintenance

  • Easy and fast daily maintenance

Accessible service and maintenance points

  • Machine serviced from ground, enabling comfort

Maintenance free parts

  • Reduced risk of machine damage


A = Machine length 2020 mm
B = Wheelbase 1440 mm
C = Machine height 2400 mm
D = Machine height (folded ROPS) 1730 mm
E = Drum width 820 mm
F = Machine width 865 mm
G = Machine length 2220 mm
H = Ground clearance 230 mm
I = Drum diameter 580 mm
J = Drum shell thickness 13 mm
K = Machine width (total) 950 mm
L = Machine length (folded ROPS) 2330 mm
Operating weight 1460 kg
Operating weight max. 1700 kg
Static linear load (full-flush) 8.4/9.4 kg/cm
Wheel load
French classification PV2
Drums (Wheels)
Width 820 mm
Offset 50 mm
Rolling width max. 870 mm
Diameter mm 580 mm
Thickness mm 13 mm
Number of wheels
Tire size
Tire-axle width
Engine type YANMAR 3TNV80F
Emmission class EU Stage 5 ready / EPA Tier 4f
Power output ISO 3046 14.6 kW 20 HP
Cylinder/ltr. 3 cyl / 1267 No./ccm
1. /2. working speed 2,100 / 2,400 rpm
Travel speed km/h 8.5 km/h
Gradeability with / without vibr. 30 / 40 %
Electric System
Batterie / Capacity 12/77 V/Ah
Turning radius inside 2100 mm
Steering / Oscillating angle 30/6 ±°
Amplitude 0,5 mm
Frequency at 2100/2400 rpm 58/66 Hz
Centrifugal force – max. 23 kN
Water tank 110 l
Anti-adhesive – l
Hydraulic system 28.5 l
Diesel fuel tank 24 l
  • Front and rear vibration and drive
  • Control system with emergency stop
  • Pressurised pulse interval sprinkler system
  • Ammann Vibration Control
  • Central lifting hook
  • 2 working frequencies
  • Hydraulic test port
  • CE-Kit with folding ROPS and working lights
  • Road lighting
  • Canopy
  • Asphalt thermometer
  • Reverse alarm
  • Battery disconnection switch
  • Additional working lights (ROPS mounted)
  • Arm rests
  • Second drive-lever, left
  • Edge-cutter incl. multi-function lever
  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil
  • Drums in line
  • Customer colour
  • Warning beacon
  • Weather canopy

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