Ammann has introduced the first two models of the new ARS line of single-drum soil compactors that combine tried-and-true features with intelligent compaction technology.

With this addition to its extensive product line, Ammann continues to be the industry leader in compaction output while offering improved efficiencies and cost savings as well.

“The goal, as always, is to provide the highest added value to the customer with quicker compaction in fewer passes,” said Radek Remeš, Commercial Manager at Ammann. “These new machines do exactly that.”

The proprietary ACEforce system is available on the rollers. Benefits of ACEforce technology include gains in quality control, reduced machine wear and cost savings.

The ARS machines feature newly designed cabs that set new standards in operator comfort and visibility. The single-drum rollers also are designed for fast and easy daily maintenance and long life.

ARS 200 Tier 3

ARS 200 Tier 4f

ARS 220 Tier 3

ARS 220 Tier 4f

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