A Regular Reboot Makes a Difference


Maintenance can be challenging and inconvenient. But you can maintain your as1 Control System with the flip of a switch.

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Diagrams answer key questions


Plant operators face questions on a daily basis, and the as1 Control System’s onboard diagnostic tool can provide many answers.

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Let Us Help Update Your Control System


Looking for an easy way to improve plant operations? A control system update might be the answer.

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Easy dosing improvement


The as1 Control System is loaded with features that help operators maximise the value of the plant.

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A Recipe for Success


The Ammann as1 Control System is able to track the “components,” or materials, that are utilised by plants.

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Asphalt Recipes Provide Needed Quality


Consistent mix creation helps you keep customers happy. It also provides efficiencies that help your plant profit.

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Don’t Forget Proper Computer Care


The computer is the brain of your mixing plant. It runs 24/7 and helps your plant operate safely and smoothly.

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Why Cold Feeder Calibration Matters


A properly calibrated cold feeder has two key benefits that every plant owner appreciates: reduced waste and reduced costs.

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3 Reasons Scale Calibration Matters


Manufacturing asphalt is a tough business. There are rough, sharp aggregates and many, many heavy loads. Such an environment can take a toll on scales.

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