SCC 200–400 ColdMix

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底基层有时只需要冷混合料。安迈SCC 200-400 ColdMix冷混合料搅拌站满足客户需求,帮助客户降低成本。

SCC 200-400 ColdMix是一款结构紧凑的高效冷搅拌站,既可降低燃料成本,还能达到节能减排的标准。本设备可生产泡沫沥青、乳化冷沥青料和水稳基层材料。

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  • 生产率可达 200-400 t/h
  • 结构紧凑的连续式搅拌站具有卓越的搅拌性能和沥青质量
  • 模块化设计理念,设有钢架基础,无需混凝土
  • 体积小,方便搬迁
Plant type 200-400
Generator power 210 KW
Operating voltage 400 / 230 V
Content cold feeders 4 × 20 m³
Injection width / Feed height 4000 mm / 4100 mm
Cement scale 0.5 m³
Cement differential weighing 1–40 t/h
Transport dimensions (without / with truck) Standard container dimensions
Water feed for concrete with control valve and magnetic-inductive flow-metre 4 up to 35 m³/h
Type mixer Amix twin-shaft paddle mixer with mix dwell time for filling level
Mixer size 4 t
Continual plant capacity 200–400 t/h
Drive 2 × 45 kW
Delivery belt For loading from truck or production on site
Options Foam bitumen and emulsion dosing

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