Modules help you organize your team’s training efforts. For example, you can have comprehensive lessons and become experts on a single machine. Or, if you prefer, your crew can instead broaden its knowledge.

What if you want to become an expert on the entire product line? The modules account for that, too.


These are the most frequently requested. They focus on a machine line – for example, all Rammers. The participant will spend days and often as much as a week learning about the Rammer products.

Of course this learning is not limited to Rammers but applies to the entire Ammann product line.


These courses focus on a single machine, instead of a machine line. For example, instead of teaching about all Rammers, the sub course might address a specific Rammer in great detail. Sub courses typically run for two days, allowing a second (or even third) such course to be taken during a week at the training centre.


Important information regarding Ammann compaction machines are at the core of these courses. The training includes correct operation and basic maintenance.


The participant learns effective utilisation of warranty claims, spare parts purchase orders, training, requests for technical support and service tips. Those who take the course will be able to use all Ammann technical publications and administration tools.


The participant learns in detail the operation, maintenance and how to properly organise a commissioning of Ammann compactors and asphalt pavers.


The participant learns about the ACEforce, ACEpro and ACEplus systems used in Ammann machines. Those who take the class will learn to properly operate, maintain, diagnose and repair ACE systems.

The offerings include ACE iii System for Soil Compactors, which is focused on ASC rollers, and ACE iii System for Asphalt Compactors, which discusses systems on ARP 95, ARX 90 and ARX 110.