Interested in working for a global company with facilities throughout the world?

Or do you prefer a smaller company where you can make a real impact on the world around you?

Welcome to Ammann, where you can do both.

Develop and grow
At Ammann, we believe that every associate can make an impact. We offer career options tailor-suited to your needs and stage of development. We also offer workplace opportunities where you can grow and develop a genuine sense of achievement.

International environment
We are an international company based in Switzerland with dozens of locations around the world. Members of our diverse teams exchange and share ideas to find the best solutions for our customers. With our international base, we offer not only insights into different cultures but also global career opportunities.

At Ammann, we firmly believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities regardless of age, gender, identity, religion or background. With us, every voice matters and is heard. We create an environment where talent and ideas flourish. We promote the growth and development of all our employees through targeted programs and measures.

Only a work environment based on respect, equality and diversity can build a future where everyone has the same opportunities to succeed stronger together.

Leadership principles
The leadership behaviour of our company is based on the three Ammann core values: independence, sustainability and credibility. To implement these values as well as the Ammann mission statement and the Code of Conduct, our managers follow certain guidelines daily:

  • Treating employees and other contact persons with respect.
  • Focusing on the essentials and consciously leaving out less important things.
  • Aligning actions with ambitious, measurable goals with the company’s success as the primary objective.
  • Keeping commitments and deadlines by making organizational adjustments where necessary.
  • Openness to alternatives, constructive discussions and critical stocktaking to find the best solutions.
  • Independent decision-making authority without always having to obtain approval from superiors first.
  • Ongoing assessment of results and performance as well as constructive feedback, whereby negative aspects are addressed directly and people and issues are kept separate.
  • Annual appraisal meetings with all employees to assess results and performance and to determine personal development opportunities.

Family-owned and independent
As an independent and family-owned business that has prospered for more than 150 years, we emphasise long-term engagements with our employees. We don’t measure the success by the quarter but instead pursue sustainable growth. We enter commitments for the long term.