A Solid Foundation


Product development of heavy equipment is demanding. There are performance expectations that absolutely must be met – while sustainability initiatives are increasingly becoming priorities, too.

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Drum Retrofit Reduces Odour significantly

Categories: Asphalt Plants, Technology

A retrofit to an Ammann Asphalt-Mixing Plant is reducing odour emissions and pleasing neighbours.

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Russian Firm Starts – and Quickly Expands – Asphalt Recycling

Categories: Asphalt Plants, Technology

JV AUTOBAHN has been the market leader in road and airfield construction in Russia for 25 years. A key reason for the company’s success is its ability to prepare for future challenges – and opportunities.

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A Green Path Forward


In some cases, Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants incorporates “recycling” in the name.

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What Matters Most

Categories: Light Equipment

Sometimes, it seems that the biggest differentiator between various brands of light equipment is their paint colour. Yet there is plenty to compare when you look beyond the surface.

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