ABG 2870

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A compact wheeled paver

The Ammann ABG 2870 is the most compact wheeled paver from Ammann. Engineering excellence ensures ease of operation, maximum uptime and outstanding results.

Tight turning

With a tight turning radius of 2 metres, and travel speed of up to 16km/h, the Ammann ABG 2870 offers unrivalled versatility in small-to-medium paving applications.

Aprovado o uso de Biocombustível

As máquinas a diesel Ammann são capazes de utilizar óleo vegetal hidrotratado (HVO), um biocombustível feito a partir de resíduos que reduz as emissões de CO2 em até 90%.

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Talented all-arounder
  • Quiet and clean: low noise, low emissions
  • Single or dual conveyor configurations
  • Individually operated hopper wings
  • 2-meter turning radius
  • 9-tonne hopper capacity
  • 110-liter fuel tank capacity
Comfort and convenience
  • Fully adjustable operator station
  • All-weather roof, electro-hydraulic foldable, integrated sound insulation
  • New storage areas
  • EPM3: intuitive controls from bigger pavers, Settings Manager
  • Glazed sides (option)
The screed you need
  • New VB40 screed: pave from 1.8-4.5 meters
  • Slim hydraulically controlled endgates
  • Fully adjustable screed console
High uptime, low costs
  • Easy battery access, with external panel for jump starting
  • 3 lubricating points, = low daily maintenance
  • Maintenance-free bearings for conveyor
  • Diesel Particulate Filter with no SCR and no AdBlue
  • CareTrack telematics system
  • VB40 with lifetime lubricated tamper and vibration bearings
The wheel deal
  • 6×4 wheel drive
  • Ride levellers, individual hydraulic suspension of each front wheel*
  • 16km/h transport speed


Mesas Variomatic

Mesa VB 40 ETC


ABG 2870 (EU Stage V)
Engine Kubota D3.8H
Engine power 55 kW
…at engine speed 2,200 rpm
Engine emission EU Stage V
Basic width 1.8 m
Maximum paving width 4.5 m
Paving output 300 t/h
Maximum layer thickness 250 mm
Hopper capacity 9 t
Tractor weight 7,230 kg


3.5 m 4.0 m 4.5 m
VB 40 ETC min
Mechanical crown control
and standard end-gates
1 638 1 977 2 186
VB 40 ETC max
Hydraulic crown
and hydraulic end-gates
1 720 2 058 2 267
¹ Including auger extensions, channel plates, end-gates.
Standard Equipment
  • Kubota diesel engine EU Stage V
  • Electronic drive control
  • Independent rear wheel drives
  • Driven front axle
  • Hydraulic ride levelers
  • Load dependent efficient drive system
  • Active steering
  • Rear wheels without ballast
  • Proportional conveyor control
  • Reversible direction of auger rotation
  • Single conveyor
  • Mechanical auger height adjustment
  • Oscillating cross beam with two mounting positions
  • 160 mm push roller
  • Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3)
  • Settings Manager
  • Service interval manager
  • Adjustable and slideable control station
  • Two adjustable and revolving screed control panels
  • Battery master switch
  • Electric switching cabinet
  • Back-up alarm
  • Tool kit
  • MATRIS support
  • Manual folding all-weather roof Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Two swing out seats
  • Storage compartment under weather roof
  • Near field mirrors at weather roof
  • ABG Key
  • VB 40 ETC 1.80 – 3.50 m
  • Mechanical crown adjustment
  • Screed lock
  • Split towing arms
  • Operator’s platform lighting
  • Home light function
  • Sound insulation für engine compartment and operator station


Optional Equipment
  • Two independent conveyors
  • Reversible conveyor
  • Individual operating hopper wings
  • Mechanically operated front apron
  • Hydraulically operated front apron
  • Push-roller D160 plus 100 mm more space
  • Lateral emergency stop
  • Additional socket 230V 50Hz
  • Traction isolator switch
  • CareTrack GSM / Satelite
  • Case for control panels
  • Deluxe seats with heating and USB charger
  • Electrohydraulic powered weather roof
  • Seat side windshield
  • Screed anti-climbing lock
  • Screed Assist
  • Hydraulic end-gates (VB 40)
  • Hydraulic heated end-gates (VB 40)
  • Hydraulic crown adjustment
  • Paving width reduction
  • Edging shoes 3/5/7/12 cm
  • Basic kit halogen lights
  • Basic kit LED lights
  • Full night kit LED
  • Warning beacon LED
  • Road travel lighting right-hand traffic
  • Road travel lighting left-hand traffic
  • Extractor for bituminous fumes for with and without roof
  • Integrated emulsion spraying system with hose reel
  • High performance spray cleaning unit
  • Biodegradeable hydraulic oil and Bypass filter
  • Homologation Italy
  • Ballasted rear wheels