ABG 6870

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A wheeled paver with grip

The Ammann ABG 6870 provides plenty of traction, even on tough terrains. The large rear wheels, available as 4-by-6 or 6-by-6 tyre configurations, bring high tractive force. The load-dependent torque control system transfers power between the front drive wheels to prevent spin.

Production, manoeuvrability and speed

The Ammann ABG 6870 offers high production, with an ability to pave at widths of 9 metres. The wheels ensure grip, manoeuvrability and a travel speed up to 20 km/h.

Aprovado o uso de Biocombustível

As máquinas a diesel Ammann são capazes de utilizar óleo vegetal hidrotratado (HVO), um biocombustível feito a partir de resíduos que reduz as emissões de CO2 em até 90%.

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Versatile performer
  • Ammann 6×6 or 6×4 wheel drive system with superior traction
  • Hydraulic self-levelling suspension system with three-point balance*
  • Load dependent torque control prevents wheel spin
  • Active steering for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Large wheels for high drive force
  • Travelling speed of up to 20km/h
Powerful and efficient
  • Powertrain components are perfectly harmonised for high efficiency
  • Volvo (Deutz) engine offers unrivalled durability and performance
  • Adaptive Eco Mode matches engine output to jobsite requirements
  • Electronically adapted speed of the hydraulic cooling fan lowers noise and fuel consumption
  • Grid power for heating the screed with e+ screed heat, no fuel + no CO2
Paving made easy
  • Intuitive Electronic Paver Manager system EPM3
  • Integrated levelling equipment
  • Hopper lock from the platform
  • Settings Manager to store and save customised settings
  • Pave Assist with Thermal Profiling, Weather view and Material Manager
  • A very low noise level simplifies communication with the paving team
Ultimate screed performance
  • Range of screeds to pave up to 9 meters
  • VB79 for all profiles, including special crown
  • Quick-coupling for easy vario screed extension assembly *
  • Fully hardened tamper bars significantly extend lifetime
The operator’s choice
  • A very low noise level simplifies communication with the paving team
  • All-weather roof with sliding extensions
  • Footrests, armrests, extendable seats
  • Warm air outlet, cup holder, USB ports
  • Unhampered visibility around the paver
  • Glazed areas at the side of the platform
  • Near-field mirrors
  • Home light functionality for the platform light
Keep on working
  • Service Interval Manager notifies the operator of required maintenance
  • Ground level access to fuel tank, emulsion tank and AdBlue filler neck
  • Central lubrication point, accessed from the platform
  • CareTrack advanced telematics system
  • Service access from the platform provides ease of maintenance
  • MATRIS provides expert analysis of machine operating activity


Mesas Variomatic

Mesa VB 78 ETC
Mesa VB 79 ETC
Mesa VB 88 ETC
Mesa VB 89 ETC


ABG 6870 (EPA Tier 3)
Engine Volvo (Deutz) D6E
Engine power 129 kW
…at engine speed 2,000 rpm
Engine emission EPA Tier 3
Basic width 2.5 m
Maximum paving width 9 m
Paving output 700 t/h
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm
Hopper capacity 13 t


5.0 m 6.0 m 6.5 m 7.5 m 8.0 m 8.5 m 9.0 m
VB 78 ETC 3 600 5 222 5 802 6 342 6 923
VB 79 ETC 4 050 5 672 6 252
VB 88 ETC 4 050 5 772 6 352 6 892
VB 89 ETC 4 500 6 222
¹ Including auger extensions, channel plates, end gates, etc…
² All screeds electrically heated
Standard Equipment
  • Volvo (Deutz) Diesel engine, EPA Tier 3
  • Electronic drive control
  • Independent rear wheel drives
  • Driven front axle 2×4
  • Hydraulic ride levelers
  • Load dependent efficient drive system
  • Active steering
  • Rear wheels with ballast
  • Heavy push rollers
  • Proportional conveyor control
  • Proportional ultrasonic auger control
  • Four individual hydrostatic drives for conveyors and augers
  • Reversible direction of auger rotation
  • Hydraulic auger height adjustment
  • Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3)
  • Back-lit controls
  • ECO mode adaptive
  • Settings Manager
  • Service Interval Manager
  • Steering angle indication
  • Head of material indication
  • Adjustable and slidable control station
  • Two adjustable and revolving screed control panels
  • Battery master switch
  • Electric switch cabinet
  • Back-up alarm
  • Fuel theft detection
  • Tool kit
  • MATRIS support
  • Manual folding all-weather roof Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Two seats, laterally extendable
  • Integrated vandalism protection
  • Near field mirrors at weather roof
  • ABG Key
  • Storage compartments under both seats
  • Cup holder
  • Split towing arms
  • Screed lock
  • Hydraulic crown adjustment VB screeds
  • 24V sockets at screed distribution box
  • Operator’s platform lighting
  • Home light function
  • Lamp levelling scale LED
  • Sound insulation for engine compartment and operator station


Optional Equipment
  • Driven front axle 4×4
  • Heavy duty auger
  • Soft Dock
  • Smart Dock
  • Individually operating hopper wings
  • Hydraulically operated front apron
  • Protective half shells for auger shaft
  • Auger extensions and additional auger bearings
  • Heavy duty conveyor cover
  • Reversible conveyor
  • Central lubrication
  • Integrated levelling
  • Four 230V power sockets
  • Lateral emergency stop
  • Traction isolator switch
  • CareTrack – GSM installation
  • CareTrack – Satellite installation
  • Pave Assist
  • Smart View camera system
  • Levelling equipment
  • Transport case for EPM 3 control panels
  • Electrohydraulic powered weather roof
  • Deluxe seats with heating and USB charger
  • Front windscreen incl. wiper and washer system
  • Tarpaulin side curtains for weather roof
  • Custom colours
  • Front ballast weight
  • Screed assist
  • Screed tensioning device
  • Screed spacer blocks
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of extendable screed
  • Special profiles VB79, VB89
  • Hydraulically adjustable Power-Float screed end gates
  • Heatable screed end gate
  • Basic Kit Halogen
  • Basic Kit LED
  • Work Plus Kit LED
  • Full Night Kit LED
  • Warning beacons LED
  • Two balloon lights LED
  • Road travel lighting left-hand traffic
  • Road travel lighting right-hand traffic
  • Extractor for bituminous fumes
  • Emulsion spraying system incl. hose reel
  • High performance spray cleaning unit
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil