Ammann parts provide the best value over the life of your plant. The parts are built to last and have a longer life than low-cost products on the market. Ammann parts also are a perfect fit for your plant, enabling other components to run more efficiently and last longer. Availability is another key Ammann focus. The Ammann logistics team recently overhauled stocking centres and processes to ensure the most essential parts are always nearby.


Amdurit, a wear-protection system developed by Ammann, provides three times the service life of wear-resistant steel. Instead of welding, use the newly designed Amdurit wear plates, which are secured with bolts.

Of course you’ll make that replacement less often than with other systems because of Amdurit’s long service life. That means money saved by:

  •  Avoiding labor associated with the replacement of those components – and long intervals between replacement of the Ammann wear-protection system, too
  •  Improved plant uptime

Preferred areas of use

  • Cold feeder
  • Drum
  • Crude gas channel
  • Hot elevator
  • Screen
  • Hot mineral silo
  • Mineral scales
  • Loading silo

Preferred areas of use for RAP feed

  • Recycling feeder
  • Recycling elevator
  • Recycling drum
  • Recycling buffer silo
  • Recycling chute
  • Recycling screw


What if a single procedure could extend the life of your plant, reduce fuel costs and improve safety, too?

You can reap all of these benefits by properly lubricating your plant. Yet that maintenance task can be a struggle. This service practice often requires that technicians stretch and strain to reach extremely tight spaces – and that they fight dust, dirt and heat along the way.

Ammlub ends these battles. The smart system automatically lubricates key points on your plant. Technicians no longer need to access locations that make maintenance difficult, time consuming and costly.

Ammlub also ensures that lubricating is done on time – every time. The immediate benefit is fuel savings, which can be reduced as much as 10% when all parts and components are working harmoniously.



  • The Ammlub system is directly mounted on the lubrication point and guarantees continuous relubrication at short intervals
  • Lubricants can be replaced while the plants are running, optimising routine maintenance while keeping your plant productive
  • Improves safety by removing workers from the process
  • Reduces energy costs up to 10 %


Ammapax helps your plant maintain maximum productivity at a reduced sound level. The sound-suppression system reduces noise pressure levels by 10 to 20 decibels – enough to determine whether a plant is allowed to operate in certain cities and neighborhoods.

Among the Ammapax advantages:

  • The most economical sound-reduction alternative
  • Quickly and easily installed; only four fastening screws required
  • Reduces the noise pressure level by 10 dB, 15 dB or 20 dB, depending on the Ammapax model
  • Requires no additional space
  • Can be integrated with Ammann or third-party systems


Longer life and fewer leaks along the way separate Ammatex filter bags from the competition.

Among the benefits of Ammatex filter bags:

  • A long service life in part because of stitched bags with PTFE
  • Quick and easy installation; no need for tools
  • Low emissions values because of quality sealing and filtering
  • Suitable for all fuel types

Three types of bags are available:

  • Ammatex RA, for production runs with a high proportion of recycled asphalt
  • Ammatex S, the standard version, for runs with a low proportion of RA
  • Ammatex E, when not using RA


Elba Wear Protection (EWP) is a complete wearing package with an excellent price/performance ratio. EWP protects parts and components and ultimately extends the life of your plant.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced component costs because of extended life
  • Reduced labor costs because of fewer replacements and repairs
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Less caking with mixer, discharge hopper and skip
  • Easy cleaning