Ammann at Bauma 2022

Bauma 2022 in Munich was an unqualified success for Ammann, with thousands of attendees visiting the stand to learn more about Ammann products and services.

Ammann’s theme for the show was, “Sustainability. Productivity. Connectivity.” The products and services at its booth reflected that commitment.

The fair concluded 30 October, but content highlighting the products and services remains available at The website includes product videos, interviews, photos and press releases.

Ammann representatives at the fair were available to discuss the company’s extensive product lines, which include asphalt and concrete plants; light equipment; soil and asphalt compactors; and asphalt pavers. A variety of technologies and services also were featured.



Booth visitors were able to learn more about ServiceLink, a digital telematic data management tool that provides customers with the information they want the most: machine location, battery status and operating hours. Data transfer is automatic and access to the information is only a click away.

Ammann ServiceLink can be added to light and heavy compactors, pavers and other machines – whether they were produced by Ammann or another manufacturer.

The optional Ammann Documentation System (ADS) records data that is measured by Ammann’s proprietary ACEforce or ACEpro Intelligent Compaction systems. The data then can be analysed to improve efficiency and quality control – and to save passes of the machine, the ultimate productivity gainer.

Another connectivity tool is the as1 Argon View, a new user interface for the as1 Control System for asphalt- and concrete-mixing plants. The interface provides constant visual updates about production status. It is intuitive, making it easy for operators to leverage all the plant’s value and improve efficiency and productivity. It also helps operators to easily track the entirety of the production process.



ECOdrop, a sustainability initiative, starts by maximising engine efficiency, which reduces both emissions and fuel costs. It also involves reconfiguring key systems and components to reduce the operational fluids required to run them. This results in lower costs for both acquisition and disposal of the fluids.

The initiative offers improved access to service points as well, making maintenance faster and preventing costly fluid spills.

eMISSION, an environmentally friendly solution, is integrated into new Ammann products. It starts with reduced emissions – and incorporates efficiency, productivity and lower maintenance demands that make jobsites greener and business owners more profitable.

  • emissions reductions – Lowers levels of CO2 and other impurities
  • efficiency improvement – Utilises digital technologies to enhance product performance and jobsite management
  • electrification – Incorporates alternative power sources, including but not limited to electricity



Ammann has released a new, highly advanced continuous compaction control system for soil and asphalt compactors. ACEpro takes the essential ingredients from previous products while adding lead-edge technologies.

ACEpro can be operated in an automatic mode, where amplitude and frequency are controlled and adjusted by the machine based on compaction targets, measurements and conditions. The adjustments improve efficiency and quality by sending optimal force into the ground.

Operators are able to monitor progress in real time and assess when compaction has been achieved.

BAUMA 2022