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The ABP 240 – 320 Universal plant helps you overcome the challenges associated with urban areas – specifically environmental concerns and a need to develop many mix types.

The plant offers a wide range of capacities and configurations, and Ammann engineers help you choose and ultimately piece together the choices that best suit your needs.

Selections typically are made with the understanding you have a variety of urban customers and ultimately must create a variety of mixes, too. Immense storage capacities, two separate rows of silos and a 56m2 hot screen help you meet the needs of multiple customers in a timely fashion.

The appearance of the plant, which resembles a typical commercial building, helps it fit into most urban locations. The plant can be encapsulated to reduce noise levels and dust emissions.

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  • Output of 240 t/h to 320 t/h
  • Highly flexible mix maker
  • Wide range of equipment and components enables customisation
  • Infrastructure including cold feeders, drying drum and filter enclosed to create the appearance of a commercial building
  • Reduced sound and dust levels
  • Ability to utilise recyclables
Capacity 240 – 320 t/h
Mixer size 4 t or 5 t
Hot aggregate silo 140 t, 200 t (1-row or 2-row)
Hot mix storage silo 140 t or 180 t in 2 compartments
350 t or 400 t in 4 compartments
600 t in 6 compartments
Control system as1
Recycling system RAC / RAH 50 / RAH 60 / RAH 100