Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is often obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants includes “recycling” in the name.

Other times, the connection is not as apparent – though it is substantial, nonetheless. That includes technology that helps rollers reach compaction goals in fewer passes, minimising fuel burn and the associated emissions.

Our promise to our customers – and to the world at large – is to explore every means possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. We further pledge to continually evaluate our manufacturing processes for additional gains and to tirelessly focus on the safety of those who build the products.

The dedication to plants and processes that put sustainability front and center is not new at Ammann. These efforts include electric vehicles, advanced recycling and zero-waste technologies. While this progress is significant, we do feel a renewed urgency to accelerate our efforts in the interest of global planetary health. Sustainability is our focus today – and all of our days going forward.




Everyone talks about sustainability. Ammann delivers on it with eMission.

This environmentally friendly solution is integrated into new Ammann products. It starts with reduced emissions – and incorporates efficiency, productivity and lower maintenance demands that make jobsites healthier and business owners more profitable.

  • emissions reduction – Lowers levels of CO2 and other particles
  • efficiency improvement – Utilises digital technologies to enhance product performance and jobsite management
  • electrification – Incorporates alternative power sources, including electricity today and other sources in the future




Sometimes, an entirely fresh approach is needed to meet challenges both new and old. Ammann’s advanced engineering team has a history of creative and innovative thinking.

The proof is in a broad range of climate efforts – including the fossil-fuel free asphalt-mixing plant, an Intelligent Compaction system that reduces fuel burn and emissions, the use of alternative fuels, and many, many more.

How can we use less, and how can we make what we do use last longer? These questions are at the core of Ammann’s sustainable efforts.

We pore over our existing plants, machines and processes in search of improvements, no matter how small they may seem. After all, incremental steps add up – a lesson we’ve learned over our more than 150 years in business.

What has this commitment brought? We’ve reduced emissions across all plants and machines, lessened fluid disposal needs and dramatically upgraded asphalt recycling capabilities – among other advances.



Protecting the world around us includes keeping Ammann customers and employees out of harm’s way.

Plants and machines have built-in protections that keep operators, and others on the jobsite, safe. It starts with secure machine transport and includes jobsite safeguards such as infrared remote control and a dead man’s handle on machines – and lower sound levels at asphalt-mixing plants.

The pandemic has broadened the concept of safety – for both our customers and employees. It prompted Ammann to put steps in place to protect our customer interactions – and to safeguard our employees when building the plants and machines that help our customers succeed.

Meanwhile, Ammann manufacturing processes and facilities are constantly examined to ensure those who make the products are as safe as those who use them.

A commitment to sustainability is also apparent at Ammann’s manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, South America, China and India.

Modern machinery and streamlined processes minimise energy needs and lessen emissions, while lean practices conserve valuable natural resources.

Our operations reflect a commitment to employee safety and include advanced ventilation systems. Comprehensive training ensures employee safety – and proficient manufacturing.