The fully electric Ammann eARX 26-2 is a game-changing machine. A diesel engine is replaced with a fully electric drive and unique vibratory system features. The result is zero direct emissions, reduced levels of CO2 and a smaller carbon footprint.

Next on the list of benefits is extremely low noise level, which is 46% less than comparable machines with a traditional combustion engine. The machine fits well on sound-sensitive jobsites such as crowded locations, city centres, and historical and residential areas. The eARX 26-2 is a great fit for night work.

The innovative powertrain concept eliminates almost all hydraulic components. The ecological impact is also lessened – and total ownership costs are significantly reduced – by replacing the diesel engine and its cooling system.

  • Fully electric drive and vibration
  • 1 shift = 1 charge
  • Zero-emission machine with silent operation
  • Energy recuperation = extended operat
  • 100% traction control for performance on difficult terrains
  • No risk of environmental harm from hydraulic oil
  • Advanced battery pack with long life cycle, high capacity and optimal safety
  • ECOdrop philosophy and Ammann ServiceLink
  • Simple service and maintenance free articulated joint


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Ammann light equipment has brought value to jobsites for decades. Now, it’s bringing advanced sustainability, too.

How? Through eMission. This environmentally friendly solution is integrated into Ammann equipment. It eliminates or significantly reduces emissions and incorporates efficiency, productivity and lower maintenance demands that make jobsites greener and business owners more profitable. Electrification is the key.

AND … eMission offers all these eco-friendly benefits while still delivering high compaction output, effortless control, exceptional climbing ability and remarkable manoeuvrability.

Who benefits from eMission?

Machine owners are able to bid on zero-emissions projects and profit from the low total cost of ownership. They also can take satisfaction in their responsible behavior.
Machine operators appreciate increased comfort. The machines are quiet and there is no vibration from a combustible engine. Minimal maintenance is needed, and operators can easily switch from a diesel machine to an e-drive – all while doing their part to advance sustainability.

What does eMission achieve?

  • Zero emission.
  • Improved profits through reduced maintenance costs.
  • High performance because of expansive battery capacity and a unique vibratory solution.
  • Efficient use of valuable resources thanks to the electric drive and its break from fossil fuels.
  • Improved efficiency, quality and safety as a result of digital technology.