Ammann dryers heat and dry raw materials of various compositions, material properties and moisture contents. They have exceptional wear resistance and are easy to maintain and highly efficient. Dryers play a significant role in a plant’s financial and ecological performance. Optimal heat transfer, low thermal loss and stable process temperatures are their most important functions.


  • The entire drying/heating/exhaust systems come from a single manufacturer for perfect coordination of all processes
  • A wide range of dryer sizes for plant capacities of 80 to 400 tonnes per hour to meet varied needs
  • Optimised heat transfer stages and dryer insulation for maximum efficiency and fuel savings
  • Low-wear, low-maintenance design with high material quality and easy exchange of wear parts
  • Adaptable internal dryer design for use of varied aggregates and fuels
  • Optional speed control for fine tuning of heat transfer in case of varying operation modes (for example, a switch between low- and high-temperature asphalt production
  • Optional middle ring dryer for addition of up to 40% cold RAP

Aggregate Dryer

RAH50 Dryer

Parallelflow RAP Dryer

Counterflow RAP Dryer