ABG 7320

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Performance and profitability

The Ammann ABG 7320 can effectively pave up to 9 metres in a single pass, providing performance and profitability in high-production projects.

Technologically driven

The Ammann ABG 7320’s technology delivers the ultimate in paving performance. The machine offers quick set-up of both the paver and screed, a heavy-duty auger drive, robust design and easy serviceability.

Biofuel Use

Ammann diesel-burning machines are able to utilise hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a biofuel made from waste that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

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The 9-meter specialist
  • Optimum performance and profitability in 9-meter applications
  • Perfect paver for high-volume and multi-lane highway projects
  • A variety of features support a faultless finish, e.g., automatic track tensioning, screed load, screed tensioning device
  • Consistent, high-quality paving; transfer data from job-to-job with the Settings Manager
Take control
  • EPM3 with intuitive layout and a jog-wheel for quick function settings
  • High paving performance at remarkably low noise levels with adaptive Eco mode
  • Unhampered visibility around the paver
  • Illuminated and clearly laid out screed control panels
  • Six standard LED lights, for increased visibility and safety
Boost productivity
  • Fuel-efficient Deutz CEV Stage IV engine with advanced, built-in features
  • Powertrain components are perfectly harmonised for high efficiency
  • High performance combined with low fuel consumption, emission and noise
  • Efficient cooling system with hydraulically powered adaptive cooling fan
Supreme screed technology
  • Low-profile screed design provides screed operators with exceptional view of material flow
  • Quickly add or remove Variomatic screed extensions with the quick-coupling system*
  • Simple assembly of weight optimised guide plates by one person
  • Dual heating bar arrangement ensures uniform heat distribution over the entire screed
  • Ammann’s specially-designed tamper bars are fully hardened for lasting durability
  • Hydraulic screed crown adjustment
Keep on working
  • Service access from the platform provides ease of maintenance
  • Service Interval Manager notifies the operator of required maintenance
  • CareTrack advanced telematics system
  • Maintain productivity and machine uptime with approved Genuine Ammann Parts
  • Ammann service kits save time, lower costs and offer the latest technical advantages
  • Automatic greasing system



VB 88 ETC screed


ABG 7320 (Barath 4)
Engine Deutz D6J
Engine power 140 kW
…at engine speed 2,000 rpm
Engine emission Barath 4
Basic width 2.55 m
Maximum paving width 9 m
Paving output 700 t/h
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm
Hopper capacity 13.5 t
Tractor weight 14,130 kg


9.0 m
VB 88 ETC 6 892
* Including auger extensions, channel plates, end gates. Electric heated screed.
Standard Equipment
  • Deutz Diesel engine, CEV Stage IV
  • Electronic drive control
  • Lifetime lubricated crawler track rollers
  • Forged and hardened crawler track links
  • Automatic track tensioner
  • Analog conveyor sensors
  • Four individual hydrostatic drives for conveyors and augers
  • Reversible direction of auger rotation
  • Reversible conveyor
  • Standard Auger 9 m
  • Auger quick lock system
  • Auger extensions and aditional auger bearings
  • Manual auger height adjustment
  • Proportional ultrasonic sensor auger control
  • Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3) Main Control Panel
  • Set of Basic Screed control Units
  • ECO mode
  • Settings Manager
  • Service Interval Manager
  • Battery master switch
  • Electric switch cabinet
  • 3D leveling ready (grade control)
  • All-weather roof of GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic)
  • Adjustable and revolving main control panel at operator platform
  • Manual hydraulically foldable Weather roof
  • Two standard seats
  • Storage space below seats
  • Anti-vandalism kit
  • Near field mirrors at weather roof
  • ABG Key
  • VB88 ETC 6.0 – 9.0
  • Continious towing arms
  • Hydraulic crown adjustment vario screeds
  • Operator‘s platform lighting
  • Road Lights according to India Homologation
  • Basic Kit LED
  • Sound insulation
  • High pressure cleaning gun


Optional Equipment
  • Individual operating hopper wings
  • CareTrack – GSM installation
  • Screed assist
  • Screed anti-climbing lock
  • Screed load device
  • Screed tensioning device
  • Mobamatic 2 Controller
  • Sensor Rotary
  • Sensor Slope at max 7m
  • Bracket Kit Grade Sensor
  • Bracket Kit Slope Sensor
  • Work Light Plus Kit
  • Warning beacons LED