AFT 500

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The AFT 500 is an outstanding performer when placing binder or top courses on large paving projects, such as highways and airports. The paver’s undercarriage and gripping tracks ensure traction on the most challenges jobsites and grades. A central 5” color display provides the operator with key information regarding the paving process.

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Operator-friendly dashboard

Operation of the machine is kept simple with the new dashboard and screed control panel, created specifically for the AFT 500. The panel is simple to understand and operate, yet provides advantages such as lit buttons for optimal visibility when working at night. Individual control unit parts allow economical replacement.

A central 5” color display provides the operator with key information regarding the ongoing paving process. The display also enables simple troubleshooting.

A standard CAN bus connection between the individual control units makes replacement easy and allows for reprogramming as needed.

Excellent visibility

The paver design, sliding seat and dashboard enable the operator to see all phases of the paving process, which improves productivity, quality and safety.

Leveling system choices

The control unit allows the installation of any common leveling system- the choice is up to the customer. The installation plug is pre-mounted and allows for quick connection to the leveling sensors and controls.

Low discharge heights

Lower height reduces material spillage that can cause mat defects. Hopper height also matches trucks of varied sizes, increasing fleet utilisation and making it easier to find outside haulers with appropriately sized vehicles.
Weights & Dimensions
Operating weight 15000 kg
Machine length 6100 mm
Transport length 5860 mm
Track lenght 2580 mm
Machine height 3520 mm
Transport height 3100 mm
Height without canopy 3000 mm
machine width 3240 mm
Transport width 2550 mm
Track gauge 2076 mm
Material loading height 600 mm
Hopper length 2000 mm


Screed FST 500 G
Standard Paving width 2550–4900 mm
Max. w / extensions 7000 mm
Min. w / reduction plates 1500 mm
Standard screed weight 3144 kg
Heating system Gas
Compaction system, screed Tamper & Vibration
Compaction system, extensions Tamper & Vibration
Crown profile - 2.5 % … + 4.0 %
Tamper frequency max. 27.5 Hz
Tamper stroke 4.0 mm
Vibration frequency max. 53.3 Hz


Manufacturer Cummins
Type 6 BTAA5.9C
Engine cooling system Liquid cooling
Number of cylinders 6
Rated power 112 kW
Emission level Bharat Stage 3
Undercarriage type Tracked
Track contact surface 2580 × 300 mm
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Internal turning radius 1.0 m
Electrical System 24 V


Max. theoretical paving capacity 500 t/h
Mat thickness 5–300
Speed (transfer) 0–4.5 km/h
Speed (paving) 0–37 m/min


Material Feeding
Hopper capacity 12 t
Conveyor system Two independent, reversible
Conveyor width 2 × 585 mm
Conveyor speed 29.3 m/min
Auger system Two independent, reversible
Auger diameter 360 mm
Auger speed 24.6 m/min
Auger height adjustment 150 mm


Tank capacities
Fuel tank 220 l
Cooling system (total) 22 l
Engine oil 11.5 l
Hydraulic oil tank 170 l
Emulsion tank 30 l