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Ammann ACP ContiMix 2.0 plants set the standard for mix production in the 140 to 300 ton per hour output classes.

The ContiMix combines the advantages of both worlds : batch and continuous. Winning features include high production output and flexibility in its choice of recipe with the added benefit of lower investment cost.

Thanks to the twinshaft continuous mixer, the contimix produces a high homogeneity, constant quality, mixed material. The heat – sensitive bitumen, in particular, may be added to the mixed material outside of the dryer.

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  • Output of 140 t/h to 300 t/h
  • Heat-sensitive bitumen may be added to the mixed material outside of the dryer
  • Minimal investment and operating costs
  • Excellent mixing performance and mix quality
  • Clearly separated heating and mixing processes
  • No loss of material during start-up and shut down because of “zero waste” system
Capacity 140 – 300 t/h
Mixer size 1,25 – 4 t
Hot mix storage silo 30 t up to 500 t
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC / RAH50 2nd Gen. / RAH60 / RAH100