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The Ammann AFT 300-2 Compact Paver is a smaller machine that is big on power, helping contractors thrive on the most challenging jobsites. A 54-kW engine delivers the power, while wide tracks provide the necessary grip to help overcome tough grades and challenging underfoot conditions. The tamper-vibration screed provides exceptional pre-compaction, while the material flow system further boosts quality. The compact design enables easy transport between jobsites.


  • Municipal roads
  • Footpaths
  • Cycling tracks
  • Trenches
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  • Theoretical paving capacity of 300 tonnes per hour
  • Maximum paving width of 3.1 metres
  • Electric- or gas heating for screeds
  • Vibration screeds (AFT 200-2) and tamper / vibration screeds (AFT 300-2)
  • High quality components
  • Excellent visibility from the operator platform
  • Modern design
  • Material hopper with capacity of 5 tonnes
  • Low centre of gravity and wide tracks for optimal traction

Material Feeding System

Material conveyor
The fully automated material feeding systems of the AFT 200-2 and AFT 300-2 ensure quality results. A variety of features reduce segregation and enhance productivity.

  • Large feeding capacity of up to 300 tonnes per hour
  • 620 mm material tunnel
  • A divided conveyor with single-drive system to guide flow during asymmetrical paving by covering one side
  • Material flow is controlled by mechanical sensors
Auger system
Productive pavers need powerful augers that optimise flow. The AFT 200-2 and AFT 300-2 utilise a strong auger system that includes a large diameter auger and central drive to bring stability and facilitate the material flow.

  • Large auger diameter of 320 mm
  • Left and right sides separately controlled and reversible
  • Ultrasonic sensor control for precise material monitoring
  • Auger height adjustable by 150 mm (mechanical)
  • Quick refill function of the auger compartment via a single control on the dashboard
Material hopper
Despite the compact dimensions, the Compact Paver class from Ammann features a large 5 tonne hopper that provides capacity with great flexibility. With easily adjustable settings on the hopper wings the machine can always be used to its maximum capacity. The individual settings of the left and right hopper wings allow to work close to walls and in tight spaces.

  • 5 tonne hopper capacity
  • Independent, hydraulically controlled hopper wings
  • Independently adjustable hopper wings (mechanical)
  • Hydraulic front hopper flap optional available
Pivotable push rollers
Shock absorbing push rollers reduce the impact from loading trucks that dock to the paver. The pivotable system is flexible so it can match varied lorry sizes.

  • Pivotable for use on curvy roads
  • 100 mm extendible (mechanical) to adjust to truck size
  • Push rollers raise and lower together with hoppers

Operator Platform

Operator station
The operator panel features intuitive controls, but that’s only the beginning. Toggle switches are positioned according to both function and frequency of use. That means frequently used functions – such as the hopper, screed and drive levers – are close to
the operator.

  • Intuitive controls
  • Each toggle switch positioned according to function group and frequency of use
  • Backrest that includes a storage compartment
  • Non-slip platform profile
  • Sliding step extensions for increased visibility
One-Man Paving
If needed, the machine can be operated by a single
operator – and he doesn’t even have to be on the machine thanks to a technologically advanced remote control system.

  • Optional remote steering enables operation from the ground
  • The remote unit contains all drive-related functions including speed adjustment, steering, hopper control and emergency switch.
Sliding steps
The operator platform is easy to access. The back rest and the extendible side steps improve working convenience and give the operator the security needed to focus on his job.

Engine, undercarriage key components


Both paver models utilise a 4-cylinder Deutz engine, which is available to meet either Stage IIIA or IIIB (T3 or T4f) standards. The engines offer low emissions, outstanding fuel economy and reduced sound through insulation and the location of
the cooling fan.
Stage IIIA / T3 Engine

  • Powerful and quiet
  • Improved fuel efficiency and cold-start performance
  • New cylinder block with deep crankcase for higher power and torque
Stage IIIB / T4f Engine

  • Superior lifetime value with higher fuel efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and longer service intervals
  • Improved common-rail technology for enhanced performance
EcoMode allows the engine to be set at the RPM needed for the current job. This leads to a reduced fuel consumption, which improves profitability. EcoMode also provides environmental benefits, including reduced sounds and emissions.

  • Adjusts engine speed to the jobsite’s requirements through a variably controlled system
  • Reduces fuel consumption and sound
  • Extends engine life
  • Eliminates risk of overheating, even in very hot conditions, through the cooler
Ammann AFT 200-2 and AFT 300-2 Asphalt Pavers are compact, but they deliver plenty of traction, too – essential when paving on uneven surfaces. The compact pavers feature superior traction for their size class and offer great manoeuvrability, too.

  • Wide tracks (205 mm) and powerful hydraulic motors provide stability and fast transport and working speeds
  • Grease tensioning is conducted from the outside of the track frames
  • Track arrangement and improved centre of gravity provides smooth ride
  • Improved hydraulics transmit engine power to the ground, improving pull and traction


Highest paving quality

  • Vibration available in basic screed and mechanical extensions
  • Robust and wear-resistant components
  • Wide bottom plates of 205 mm for smooth paving
  • Vibration screed on AFT 200-2
  • Tamper / vibration screed available for AFT 300-2
  • Hydraulic motors for the tamper on AFT 300-2
  • Tamper and vibration system pre-compacts for best paving results

  • Slim end gates enable paving close to walls and curbs
  • Tamper and vibration speeds easily adjustable
  • Positive and negative crown profiling is mechanically adjustable from - 1.5 percent up to + 3.0 percent
  • Left and right screed sides equipped with remote control
  • All screed functions such as opening, closing, leveling and auger flow can be adjusted via the remote controls


Temperature control

  • Electric or gas heating screeds are available for both machines
  • Screed temperature can be set from the main dashboard
  • Temperature control unit conserves energy and ensures that screed is always at the desired temperature
  • All screed segments, including the hydraulic extensions, are temperature controlled”

Weight & Dimensions
Weight 5800 kg
A – Length (Machine) 4360 mm
B – Length (Transport) 3880 mm
C – Length (Tracks) 1390 mm
D – Length (Material hopper) 1310 mm
E – Height (Machine) 1900 mm
F – Height (Transport) 1900 mm
G – Height (w.o. Canopy) 1900 mm
I – Width (Machine, open hoppers) 2830 mm
J – Width (Transport) 1200 mm
K- Width (Track gauge) 940 mm
L – Max. approach angle 15°
Capacity & Performance
Placement thickness (max) -150 up to 200
Theoretical paving capacity 300 t/h
Paving speed 27 m/min
Transport speed 3.3 km/h
Material Feeding System
Hopper dumping height center (w. hopper flap) 570 mm
Hopper width, internal 2830 mm
Conveyor type Splitted conveyor drive with center cover
Conveyor width 620 mm
Conveyor control Automatic with limit switches
Auger diameter 320 mm
Auger control Automatic with ultrasonic sensors
Auger height adjustment
Operator Station
Operator console Conventional
Dashboard Conventional
Platform With back rest for operator safety
Engine model Deutz TD2.9 L4
Rated power KW @ 2200 rpm 54 (72 hp)
Emissions EU 3A/3B (Tier3 / 4f)
Electrical system 24 V
Fuel tank capacity 85 l
Crawler length 1390 mm
Crawler width 205 mm
Final drive Direct drive over transmissions
Screed Heating System Screed Type Standard working width AFT 300-2
STV 2400 G Gas (LPG) Tamper & vibration screed 1200–2400 mm 3100 mm
STV 2400 E Electric Tamper & vibration screed 1200–2400 mm 3100 mm

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