A Solid Foundation


Product development of heavy equipment is demanding. There are performance expectations that absolutely must be met – while sustainability initiatives are increasingly becoming priorities, too.

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Drum Retrofit Reduces Odour significantly

Categories: Technology, Asphalt Plants

A retrofit to an Ammann Asphalt-Mixing Plant is reducing odour emissions and pleasing neighbours.

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Russian Firm Starts – and Quickly Expands – Asphalt Recycling

Categories: Technology, Asphalt Plants

JV AUTOBAHN has been the market leader in road and airfield construction in Russia for 25 years. A key reason for the company’s success is its ability to prepare for future challenges – and opportunities.

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Ammann ACM 210 Prime Exceeding Expectation

Categories: Asphalt Plants

The Ammann ACM 210 Prime Asphalt-Mixing Plant was launched in 2019 to complement the established line of highly mobile, continuous Prime plants.

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A Green Path Forward


In some cases, Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants incorporates “recycling” in the name.

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