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The automatic scrapers of the Ammann Elba CES series bring the ultimate efficiency to your operation through automation.

An operating module allows easy programming and controlling of the scraping process. Semi-automatic manual operation of the scraping, retracting and slewing motions is also possible. Ammann Elba offers three output variants with different boom lengths:

Typ Boom length (m) Max. theoretical scraper output (m3/h)
CES 15 12 57
CES 15 13,5 52
CES 15 15 48
CES 50 17,5 118
CES 50 20 108
CES 50 22,5 99
CES 70 17,5 155
CES 70 20 135
CES 70 22,5 125


The actual scraper output can be up to 30% less than the theoretical output depending on the overall box angle, fill level and number of boxes, and operational down times and idle times.

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