In some cases, Ammann’s commitment to sustainability is obvious. For example, a line of our asphalt-mixing plants incorporates “recycling” in the name.

Other times, the connection is not as apparent – including technology that helps rollers reach compaction goals in fewer passes, minimising fuel burn and the associated emissions. The dedication to green products and processes is not new at Ammann. There is, however, a renewed urgency to accelerate efforts in the interest of global health. Sustainability is the focus at Ammann today – and all days going forward.

To deliver sustainability at Ammann, we will:

  • Maximise safe and sustainable manufacturing practices while building green plants and machines.
  • Partner with eco-focused packagers and transport services.
  • Develop asphalt-mixing plants that maximise the use of recycled materials.
  • Provide plants and machines that reduce emissions beyond the stated requirements.
  • Expand the use of alternative, eco-friendly fuels.
  • Utilise advanced technology to help plants and machines operate efficiently, minimising fuel burn and emissions.
  • Reduce the volume of oils and other fluids needed for operation, thereby lessening disposal requirements, too.