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The ACC 90-120 CounterMix Asphalt-Mixing Plants set new standards for asphalt mix production in the 90–120 tonne per hour output classes. The prime benefits of the plants, which use counterflow technology, are fuel efficiency, a low carbon footprint, environmental protection and an ability to utilise high percentages of RAP.

Counterflow Technology

The heart of this plant is a high-efficiency counterflow dryer drum with a fully modulating long nose burner. Conventional mixing plants utilise parallel flow heat transfer technology, in which the material to be heated and the hot gases flow in the same direction. In a counterflow dryer drum, the material to be heated and the hot gases flow in opposite directions. This process is extremely efficient, because it utilises heat from both the hot gases and the burner flame.

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  • Counterflow continuous drum for high fuel efficiency and lower carbon footprint
  • Extremely rapid assembly and implementation times with options such as a steel foundation and plug-and-play socket cabling
  • Efficient world-class bag filter for stringent pollution norms
Capacity 90–120 t/h
Drum diameter 1650–1800 mm
Drum length 7080–8500 mm (with RAP)
Hot mix storage silo 50 t
Control system as1