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The CBT Elba plant Ammann is a linear and transport-optimised concrete mixing plant.

Fast installation times and unproblematic relocation – as well as favourable transport dimensions – were the engineering goals of the new plant concept. The result is the new CBT plant, which is extremely fast to set up due to its folding mechanisms and compact plant design.

The CBT 60 SL Elba needs just two open-top containers for relocation and is designed to meet favourable transport dimensions when traveling.

The compact plant is equipped with a CEM 1000 S Elba single-shaft mixer and an integrated linear bin for storing between 2 and 4 aggregate types. Cement, water, aggregate scales and all other electric and pneumatic plant components are pre-installed and ready for operation.

The integrated control cabin houses the switching cabinet and offers additional space for the control system. With a theoretical hourly output of 60 m³/h, the new CBT 60 SL Elba is the ideal plant for a wide range of applications.

No foundation is required for plant installation. All that’s needed is a surface with soil compaction of 250 kN/m². Optional solutions are available for cement silo installation.

Customers also will appreciate the exceptional service and maintenance accessibility designed into the CBT 60 SL Elba.

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Fast, low-cost installation

All sub-assemblies (mixer platform, linear bins) are completely pre-installed and connected to enable fast installation. Assembly requires only unfolding and erecting the plant, significantly reducing connection and installation costs.

Minimised site development costs

The Ammann CBT Elba mixing plant does not require foundations for installation, minimising site development costs. Soil compaction of 250 kN/m² is sufficient.


The aggregates are metered and weighed on a conveyor belt to shorten the cycle time and enable higher output capacity.


Original Ammann Elba replacement parts are reliable and guarantee the long-term preservation of CBT Elba concrete mixing plants.

Mixer Type Single-shaft compulsory mixer
Max. Concrete output
compacted fresh concrete
60 m³/h
Mixer volume 1000 l
Active aggregate stock 30 m² / max. 50 m³
Max. components 2 – 4
Max. cement types 2 – 4