ACM 100-210 PRIME

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The ACM 100 Prime, ACM 140 Prime and ACM 210 Prime are the highly mobile versions of the successful Ammann continuous asphalt-mixing plants.

The plants maintain key aspects and benefits of other Ammann plants, including the innovative as1 Control System and tried-and-tested core components. A special benefit of the plants is a controllable outlet gate that enables the filling height and therefore the mixing time to be set depending on recipe and output.

The ACM 100 Prime has output capability of 100 t/h, the ACM 140 Prime’s output is 140 t/h while the ACM 210 Prime’s output is 210 t/h.

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  • Highly mobile with a compact design
  • Excellent mixing performance and quality
  • Clearly separated heating and mixing processes
  • Ability to utilise up to 20 % RAP in mix
  • Adjustable mixing times based on recipe and capacity
  • Optimised heat transfer during all stages
  • Well-insulated dryer for fuel efficiency and cost savings
  • Highly efficient burner
  • Gentle filter cleaning for reduced wear
Capacity 100 – 140 t/h
Mixer size 0.9 – 2.1 t
Content Cold Feeder 3 x 7 m3
Control system as1