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Ammann set out to determine the needs of asphalt producers in rural regions where earning a profit is difficult – places where tonnages can fluctuate from one day to the next, yet varied recipes are frequently required, too.

The producers said they fell into a pattern of using old plants or purchasing new plants with little technology. Even then they sometimes couldn’t provide what their customers needed, particularly in terms of varied mixes and the use of recycled asphalt and additives.
What would these manufacturers change if they could? Their wishes became the new ACT ContiQuick continuous mixing plant.

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  • Compact continuous plant without compromises in quality or optional offerings
  • Highly transportable, highly productive
  • Ideal for special projects because of relocation efficiencies
  • Minimal waste, even on smaller production runs
  • Easy recipe changes
  • Fast setup with minimal site preperation costs
  • Latest technologies to utilise recycling and produce hot, warm and cold mix
  • Flexibility to produce mix with additives
  • Utilises industry-leading as1 Control System, including options such as Eco-view and LoadOut
  • Long life and durable parts and components
  • Low profile height to withstand 500-year winds
  • Affordably priced
Plant type 140
Continual plant capacity at 3 % moisture * 140 t/h
Continual plant capacity at 5 % moisture 110 t/h
Number of cold feeders Standard 3, option 6
Content cold feeders 10 m³
Type drying drum T 1870 (L = 7 m / D = 1.8 m)
Burner power output 10 MW
Fuels Diesel
Filter capacity 30 000 Nm³/h
Filter surface 330 m²
Mixer size / content 1.5 t
Binding agent supply 2 × E-Bit Boxer tank 51 m³
Filler supply Reclaimed filler silo 20m³ and imported filler silo 30 m³
Hot mix storage silo / compartments 24 t in 1 compartment, Options for 2 or 3 × 24 t compartments
Recycling addition up to 20 % at 3 % moisture RAC directly into the mixer
* Hot mix production capacity based on following conditions: Max. 8 % bitumen and max. 10 % filler addition, input moisture of aggregates 3 %, aggregate temperature increase 175 K and 0 / 2 fraction share max. 40 %..