Technology-driven products featured at bauma CHINA 2018

Bauma CHINA 2018 proved a successful event for Ammann. The focus of Ammann’s efforts at the trade show, held in November, was technology-driven products that help customers improve profitability.

Customers were offered several opportunities to review products. The first was at the stand at the show in Shanghai, where light equipment and several large-scale plant models were on display.

350 Chinese and 100 international customers also had an opportunity to travel to the nearby Ammann facility. Once there, customers toured the shop’s manufacturing area. In addition, two asphalt-mixing plants and one shredder were assembled for customers to review.

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Asphalt Mixing Plants

ABP 320 HRT Asphalt-Mixing Plant

ABA UniBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plant

ABC SolidBatch Asphalt-Mixing Plant

Complementary Product

RSS 120-M Shredder, Iron Separator and Screener

Spare Parts



Ammann retrofits

Light Compaction

APF 15/50 Forward Moving Vibratory Plate Compactor

ATR 68 P Rammer

Ammann China Open House and bauma CHINA 2018