What if a single procedure could extend the life of your plant, reduce fuel costs and improve safety, too?

You can reap all of these benefits by properly lubricating your plant. Yet that maintenance task can be a struggle. This service practice often requires that technicians stretch and strain to reach extremely tight spaces – and that they fight dust, dirt and heat along the way.

Ammlub ends these battles. The smart system automatically lubricates key points on your plant. Technicians no longer need to access locations that make maintenance difficult, time consuming and costly.

Ammlub also ensures that lubricating is done on time – every time. The immediate benefit is fuel savings, which can be reduced as much as 10% when all parts and components are working harmoniously.



  • Utilises electronic control unit with temperature compensation
  • Protects against water jets
  • Prevents dust and dirt contamination against water jets



  • The Ammlub system is directly mounted on the lubrication point and guarantees continuous relubrication at short intervals
  • Lubricants can be replaced while the plants are running, optimising routine maintenance while keeping your plant productive
  • Improves safety by removing workers from the process
  • Reduces energy costs up to 10 %