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Weights Dimensions

Machine Weight
68 kg
Machine Height
488 mm
Base plate length
559 mm
Machine Length
961 mm
Machine Width
330 mm
Machine weight with extension plates 75 mm
Machine weight with extension plates 150 mm
Machine length with handle
1018 mm
Machine width with extension plates
Base plate width
Base plate width with extensions
Machine height with handle (work)
Machine height with handle (transport)
1088 mm


Engine Output
Engine Output at RPM
2.9 kW (4 PS)
Fuel consumption
Honda GX 120

Compaction Forces

Centrifugal force - max.
12 kN
Max. Vibration frequency
100 Hz
Working surface
455.5 m²/h
Working surface with extensions
Max. compaction depth
Working surface with extension plates 75 mm
Working surface with extension plates 150 mm


Fuel tank
Tank capacity
0–23 m/min
Gradeability with / without vibr.
Max. incline to all sides
Water tank

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