ABG 4820

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A compact machine with big potential

The Ammann ABG 4820 is the smallest 2.5-metre paver in the lineup. It is compact enough to share a trailer with a roller yet can pave as wide as 6.5 metres. The paver can handle municipal jobs – and bigger projects outside the city, too. Fuel consumption and long life reduce ownership costs.

Advanced technology

The Ammann ABG 4820 utilises multiple technologies to ensure high performance, premium quality and low ownership costs.

Biofuel Use

Ammann diesel-burning machines are able to utilise hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a biofuel made from waste that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

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A small machine with big potential
  • Machine’s size and weight enables transport with additional equipment
  • Auto track tensioner for smooth paving starts*
  • Large hopper with front apron (option)
  • High fuel efficiency
Control with ease
  • EPM3: intuitive control with a bird’s eye view of a paver on the display
  • Settings Manager to store and save customised settings
  • Pave Assist with Thermal Profiling, Weather View and Material Manager
  • A very low noise level simplifies communication with the paving team
Highly efficient
  • Powertrain components are perfectly harmonised for high efficiency
  • Volvo (Deutz) engine offers unrivalled durability and performance
  • Adaptive Eco Mode matches engine output to demand, resulting in up to 30% fuel savings
  • Electronically adapted speed of the hydraulic cooling fan lowers noise and fuel consumption
  • Grid power for heating the screed with e+ screed heat, no fuel + no CO2
State-of-the-art service
  • Service Interval Manager notifies the operator of required maintenance
  • CareTrack advanced telematics system
  • Service access from the platform provides ease of maintenance
  • MATRIS provides expert analysis of machine operating activity
Industry-leading screeds
  • ABG designed screeds heat quickly
  • The robust screed design produces a consistent, high-quality mat
  • Easy screed control with the clear screed panel design
  • Quick-coupling for easy vario screed extension assembly*
  • Fully hardened tamper bars significantly extend lifetime



VB 78 ETC screed
VB 79 ETC screed
VB 88 ETC screed


ABG 4820 (EU Stage IIIA /EPA Tier 3)
Engine Volvo (Deutz) D4 E
Engine power 96 kW
…at engine speed 2,200 rpm
Engine emission EU Stage IIIA /EPA Tier 3
Basic width 2.5 m
Maximum paving width 6.5 m
Paving output 500 t/h
Maximum layer thickness 300 mm
Hopper capacity 12.5 t
Tractor weight 12,280 kg


5.0 m 6.0 m 6.5 m
VB 78 ETC 3 528 5 150
VB 79 ETC 3 730
VB 88 ETC 3 820
¹ Including auger extensions, channel plates, end gates.


Standard Equipment
  • Volvo (Deutz) Diesel engine, EU Stage IIIA /EPA Tier 3
  • Electronic drive control
  • Lifetime lubricated crawler track rollers
  • Forged and hardened crawler track links
  • Automatic track tensioner
  • Bolt on rubber pads
  • Large truck push rollers with 160 mm Ø
  • Four individual hydrostatic drives for conveyors and augers
  • Reversible direction of auger rotation
  • Proportional conveyor sensors
  • Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3)
  • ECO mode
  • Settings Manager
  • Service Interval Manager
  • Adjustable and revolving control panels at operator platform
  • Electric switch cabinet
  • Battery master switch
  • Two adjustable and revolving screed panels
  • Two seats, laterally extendable
  • Anti-vandalism kit
  • ABG Key
  • Hydraulics for Vario screeds with tamper and vibration
  • Screed lock
  • Six working lights (LED)
  • Operators platform
  • Home light function
  • Sound insulation
Optional Equipment
  • Individual operating hopper wings
  • Hydraulically operated front apron
  • Reversible conveyor
  • Hydraulic auger height adjustment
  • Proportional Ultrasonic Sensor auger control
  • Central lubrication
  • Light truck push rollers with 110 mm Ø
  • Protective half shells
  • Levelling systems
  • Additional sockets 230V
  • Caretrack Advanced
  • Pave Assist
  • Smart View camera system
  • Smart Dock
  • Transport case for EPM control panels
  • Deluxe seats with heating
  • Front windscreen
  • Tarpaulin side curtains for weather roof
  • Custom colour
  • Automatic folding device for weather roof (electro-hydraulic)
  • Screed anti-climbing lock
  • Screed assist
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of extendable screeds
  • Hydraulically adjustable Power-Float screed end gates
  • Heatable screed end gates
  • 10 working lights (LED)
  • Two additional rear lights (LED)
  • Auger lighting
  • Levelling indicator scale lighting
  • Warning beacons
  • Extractor for bituminous fumes
  • Emulsion spraying system
  • Heavy-duty spray cleaning gun
  • Biodegradeable hydraulic oil